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This Is The Big Secret Each Zodiac Is Hiding From Their Partner

This Is The Big Secret Each Zodiac Is Hiding From Their Partner

This Is The Big Secret Each Zodiac Is Hiding From Their Partner

ARIES: Fantasizes about other people. 

It’s important to note that although Aries fantasizes about other people, it doesn’t mean that they have any intention to cheat on or leave their significant other (most of the time). A committed Aries is loyal to a fault. They won’t settle down unless it’s real. However, this sign can sometimes feel stifled in a serious relationship. When they imagine romps with their past flings or daydream about their neighbor across the hall, it’s usually out of nostalgia for a freer time—for their old selves. Life after falling in love looks a lot different for this bold and adventurous sign. Their fantasies are innocent indulgences. Some Aries simply get off to thinking of other people because they haven’t yet had a conversation with their partner about adding more variety to the bedroom. Typically, it’s not that serious. 

TAURUS: Still thinks about their ex. 

Taurus rarely ever lets go of heartache. In the long run, Taurus makes an excellent life partner. They usually only ever enter a committed relationship because they can see themselves spending their entire future with that person. This is a sign that is resistant to change—one who finds it excruciatingly difficult to let go. Taurus can still hold a torch for an old ex after falling for someone else’s charms, and even years deep into a relationship. It’s likely that Taurus never fully allowed themselves to process the full spectrum of emotions that came from having their heart broken. It’s not necessarily always the person that Taurus misses, but the idea of them and the hypothetical life they were going to build together. It’s still an open wound for Taurus. 

GEMINI: Is utterly bored. 

Gemini’s spirit is slowly desiccating from the boredom they’re experiencing in their relationship. This sign misses the unpredictability of life before they signed their soul away in the name of love. They often get lost in reveries about what life would be if they were still single. They miss being wild, daring, and flirty. Gemini yearns for the freedom to do what they want when they want. In a way, Gemini feels like their partner is holding them back. They’re eternally thirsty for knowledge and new experiences. A particular lover is required to keep Gemini’s interest—someone independent who allows them their space. Gemini also needs to be with someone as equally (or more) curious as they are. They quickly tire of anyone who can’t keep up with them intellectually and socially.

CANCER: Secretly uses their partner’s weaknesses to emotionally manipulate them. 

Cancer isn’t the sentimental fool or wallflower that they’re made out to be. This sign is one of the most cunning and calculated. This isn’t to say that it isn’t true that they have a heart of gold—Cancer is extremely warm and caring. It’s just that this is a cardinal sign who secretly likes to dominate. Cancer is an expert at finessing circumstances to their advantage. They’re deeply intuitive and masters at reading people, able to pick up on the most imperceptible tells of others. In relationships, sometimes they can’t help themselves from using that skill to emotionally manipulate their partner on the low. At worst, this happens because Cancer is unevolved or malicious. But it can also spawn from Cancer’s natural inability to manage their emotions and as a mechanism to feel safe. As long as Cancer remains in power, there’s nothing for them to fret about. 

LEO: Wishes their significant other had a spine. 

Leo lives to be admired, however, this sign is often misunderstood as needing to be fawned over. It’s actually a turn-off for Leo to have a partner who unconditionally carries out their every whim. Yes, they want to be spoiled and doted on, but they also need someone who is able to put them in their place. Leo has an inherent need to dominate, but in relationships, they want a partner who knows how to take control. They’re tired of doing it. There’s nothing more that turns a Leo off than someone who can’t make decisions or make their voice be heard. Leo wishes their significant other knew how to stand up for themselves—how to stand up to them. For this reason, they hold a bit of disrespect for their lover. Ego and pride are everything to the Lion. Self-assured Leo longs to be in a relationship with someone equally as confident and strong. 

VIRGO: Misses their solitude. 

Even when deeply in love, Virgo finds it hard to adjust their world to another human being. They’re creatures of habit and loners by nature. They can absolutely adore their partner, but still, miss their old routine and the life that their relationship disrupted. Virgo misses having time to themselves. They need space to be alone in order to recharge. This sign often stretches themselves too thin in all aspects—work, school, and their personal life. They’re constantly seeking ways to grow and improve themselves, so it’s very important for them to be able to slow down. Virgo is also a sympathetic listener who constantly is helping those in need. Often misunderstood as being hard, Virgo actually tends to suffer in silence. They need to be able to sort through all their thoughts and feelings alone. If Virgo can’t be open enough to ask for the space they need, they may end up silently resenting their significant other. 

LIBRA: Is unhappy. 

Libra values harmony. They’ll do everything they can to avoid conflict, even sacrifice having their emotional needs met. Often in the relationship, Libra says yes when they really mean no. This sign is unhealthily agreeable. Knowing this characteristic, their partners tend to selfishly use it to their advantage. It makes Libra feel used, but they won’t express their frustration in order to avoid an argument. Libra feels as if their partner isn’t exerting the same effort as they are. They’re slowly becoming unhappy in a codependent relationship where their desires aren’t being prioritized. Yet, Libra still bends over backward trying to please their partner and win their approval. They stay in a relationship that isn’t working because they don’t know what they would do if they suddenly found themselves alone. 

SCORPIO: Their sexual appetite isn’t fully satiated. 

Ruled by Pluto, the planet named after the god of the underworld, Scorpio has deep sexual desires—maybe even dark. Sex is just as important as trust is to Scorpio in a relationship. For them, sex is a union of psyches and bodies, especially when it’s with someone they deeply care for. Sex helps ground them and connect on a deeper level. For this creative sign, having sex is one of the times when they feel the most expressive. They’re eternally curious about seeking new ways to derive pleasure. Scorpio is drawn to transformative sexual experiences that push their limits. This sign has a proclivity for danger and experimentation. They easily get sexually dissatisfied in a relationship where their fierce sex drive isn’t matched. Scorpio doesn’t feel safe enough to open up with their partner about what they really want. If they don’t do so, eventually they’ll be keeping an even bigger secret—infidelity. 

SAGITTARIUS: Feels suffocated. 

Sag never says they’re in love when that isn’t the case. If they’re in a committed relationship, they’re likely invested. Sagitarrius doesn’t settle when it comes to love and they honor their word. However, this is the renaissance sign—learning and having new experiences is like breathing to them. They can feel smothered inside a relationship. It’s not one particular thing their partner does to annoy them but missing the old carefree lifestyle that makes them feel suffocated. Independent Sag is nostalgic for that time in their lives when they could act without worrying about the consequences. They miss not having to take anyone else into consideration. Sagittarius wishes they were once again the protagonist in their own life. Sometimes they can’t help but wonder what if they weren’t tied down.

CAPRICORN: If it came down to it, they’d choose their ambitions over their partner.

Capricorns prioritize their personal dreams over their relationship. Not that they’d ever tell their partner. This is a sign who is comfortable lying by omission without feeling guilty about it (another one of their secrets). Capricorn is cautious about whose hands they place their heart in. They have a habit of categorizing lovers and potential mates, then putting them in a labeled box on a shelf. They have high standards for the kind of life they want to build and with what kind of person. Cap has strong convictions and is fully self-aware of themselves and their desires. They have big passions that mean everything to Cap. Given the choice, they’d choose their pursuits over making the relationship work. It’s not that Cap is cold or emotionally distant, it’s just that they value stability—both emotional and financial. 

AQUARIUS: Can’t stand their partner’s friends. 

Although Aquarius is the friendship sign, they’re highly reserved and introverted. There’s a natural emotional distance between Aquarius and the rest of the world. Their circle of friends is small because they’re highly selective about the company they keep. The truth is Aquarius can’t stand their partner’s friends…not that they’d ever let them know. Aquarius is going to keep on acting like a sweetie and fake it. They have a great capacity for acceptance, but Aquarius finds those pals shallow and uninteresting. They’d rather do things alone with their partner, and detest being obligated to hang out with their friends instead. Aquarius seems attentive and curious around them—even relatable—but this is just the way they are with everyone. 

PISCES: They’re checked out.

Pisces has come to a point in their relationship where they’ve realized that the person they’re with is never going to make their idea of love come true. The Fish also knows their worth now. They’ve spent the relationship suppressing beautiful parts of themselves to keep their partner happy. Because Pisceans lack emotional boundaries, they tend to morph themselves into who their significant other wants them to be. They’re extremely giving, but they refuse to bend anymore. As they do about everything, Pisces has a lot of feelings about the current status of their relationship, but they won’t be quick to put those emotions into words. Because they find it a hard process to exit codependent situations, Pisces is going to suffer for a while in silence before leaving. 

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