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These Are Each Zodiac’s Very Specific Love Languages

These Are Each Zodiac’s Very Specific Love Languages

These Are Each Zodiac’s Very Specific Love Languages


Spontaneous dates that will make memories for years to come. Holding hands in public, unashamed of what the world thinks. Going on adventures together with someone who always makes them better. Never-ending compliments that they don’t have to fish for. Flirty texts catch them by surprise. Grand gestures. Gifts that prove you’re paying attention. Someone telling them they aren’t “too much.” 


Bestowing gifts that prove you care. Spending time at their place because it’s their comfort zone. People who come over and just hang out without needing to do anything. Cuddling together while binging a Netflix show together. Following through on promises and plans. Letting them win the argument even if they’re wrong. Skincare products that actually work. Scented candles that last. Someone cleaning the dishes after a long day of work. Someone who knows that love is a decision you make each day.


A stack of unread books they’ve been meaning to get around to. Debating their latest fascination until 3 a.m. Changing plans at the last minute. Knowing every single movie or TV show their favorite actor has been in. Binging their favorite comfort show with a person they love for the 100th time just to point out the lesser-known facts about it. Someone who truly listens when they’re speaking, even if they’ve been talking for a while. Bonding with someone over disliking the person who shaded them three years ago. Being chosen by someone over and over again.


Sentimental gifts like a handmade blanket or a scrapbook of favorite memories. Someone who wants to spend time with them, rather than feeling obligated. Soft weighted blankets that feel like a hug. Finding 100 new ways to say “I love you.” Falling in love at first sight. Doing mundane things together like grocery shopping or laundry. Being honest about the way they feel—always. Over-the-top romantic gestures for no specific reason. A playlist of love songs with the person’s name as the title. Someone who isn’t afraid of their big emotions—it’s their favorite thing about them. 


Someone who brags about them to everyone they know. Being the center of attention, but only has eyes for the people they love. Perfume or cologne that makes a statement. Taking dozens of photos until they get their pose just right. Showering others with affection without thinking twice. Being exclusive almost immediately. Being part of a power couple. Watching the sunrise. Being loved for who they are, not what they can do for people. 


Buying houseplants that are notoriously difficult to maintain, just to prove they can. Someone remembers their favorite flowers and buys them for no particular occasion. Having someone run errands with them. Being the emergency contact on everyone’s phone. Having someone actually take their well-thought-out advice. Candles in clean, subtle scents. Neutral tones for everything. Always having a backup plan because the first will inevitably go wrong. Being told how much they are appreciated, even in the little things. Spending time in the same room doing different hobbies. Making itinerary long plans only to cancel in favor of staying in again. Having someone else to rely on because they can trust them fully. 


Placing flowers in every room of the house. Dates at the art museum. Flirty banter that lasts for days. Someone who wants exclusivity but doesn’t control them. Going out with friends and their partners, not one or the other. Falling in love five times in one week. Giving the advice to help settle an argument. Skincare products that keep them glowing. Doing anything to make someone else smile. Striving for balance in everything they do. Having someone tell them what they specifically love about being with them. Finding a person who makes all the options in the world feel obsolete. 


Playing “we’re not really strangers” so they can learn everything about a person. Candles are meant for mood lighting. Dark clothing that flatters them well. Being absolutely worshiped by someone. Being vague about their feelings keeps people guessing. Private, romantic dinner dates. Feeling safe enough with someone to tell their secrets to. Headphones block out the rest of the world. Sending voice memos because texts just aren’t enough. Radical acts of vulnerability. Having someone see through their walls and want to love them anyway.


Staying casual until they are blindsided by love. Exploring the world around them. Affordable plane tickets. Passionate displays of emotion are only shared between them and those they love. Not being held back or tied down. Riddles that really make them think. Having a conversation about their newest interest that they already are an expert in. Honest expressions of the heart. Spontaneous dates with someone they’re crazy about. Someone who makes love feel like an adventure. 


Planning an event ahead of time instead of waiting for them to do it. Spending time together in the same room, even if you’re doing separate activities. Affirming them by telling them they are doing great, even if they already know. Finding the perfect work/life balance. Talking about and making future plans. Being loved for more than simply what they bring to the table, but still respected for those qualities nonetheless. 


Playful debates about topics that won’t matter the next day. Time alone to recharge and reflect. Choosing curiosity over judgment. Spending an afternoon at a used bookstore and buying books on six different interests they just discovered. Falling for their best friend. Sharing a playlist full of music no one else knows about, is an act of vulnerability. Annotating a book with all of their perspectives and opinions. Being embraced for their true selves, quirks, and all. 


Romantic comedies, no matter how cheesy. Sharing every single one of their childhood traumas. Intuitive glances that say more than words ever could. Seeing the best in people. Second, third, and fiftieth chances. Candid photos of nights they never want to forget. Being showered with affection as much as possible. Handwritten love letters. Viewing the term “hopeless romantic” as a compliment. Someone telling them that their hopes, dreams, and desires matter, too. 

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