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The Zodiac Signs Ranked By Their Ability To Keep A Secret

The Zodiac Signs Ranked By Their Ability To Keep A Secret

The Zodiac Signs Ranked By Their Ability To Keep A Secret

1. Aquarius

Most Aquariuses don’t even want to hear the secret in the first place. They prefer to keep the conversation on anything other than gossip. Of course, they’d never tell your secret–they’ve likely forgotten about it as soon as it left your lips.

2. Virgo

Virgos pride themselves on their reliability. It isn’t just about punctuality or goal-setting for them–they want to be a steel trap for their friends as well. They’d sooner get water-boarded than reveal the minor drama you got into over spring break 10 years ago.

3. Taurus

A Taurus would prefer not to hear the secret, mostly because they just don’t want the responsibility. It’s not that they feel compelled to spill, they just feel like if you didn’t want people to know, you shouldn’t tell anyone–including them.

4. Scorpio

You might be surprised that Scorpio isn’t higher on the list. After all, they’re widely known for never sharing their own secrets. But if they feel pressured, they might tell someone else just to get the heat off them. Still, that’s rare, so they can mostly be trusted.

5. Cancer

Cancers pride themselves on their empathy and listening skills. You can generally trust that they’ll keep your secret to themselves…unless they think you’d be better off if it was widely known. Though that’s usually only if keeping your secret puts you in some kind of danger.

6. Aries

Aries do love gossip. As soon as they hear you’ve got something juicy to share, they’re ready with the popcorn. Though they love to hear about other people’s secrets, they’re less likely to reveal yours if you make them swear not to.

7. Pisces

Like Aries, Pisces love to gossip. They live for the drama, at least when it comes to sharing details with friends. That being said, they’re not very likely to tell the secrets of their inner circle. But acquaintances and coworkers? All bets are off.

8. Capricorn

Capricorns aren’t that great at keeping secrets, although they might not admit it. Instead, they’ll find legitimate reasons–in their opinion, anyway–why it’s imperative that they tell everyone your business. At least it makes them fun to talk to if you weren’t the one with the secret.

9. Sagittarius

While Capricorns try to hide their gossiping, Sagittarius will do it gleefully and with abandon. “Have you heard the news?” will be the first thing from their lips before you even get a hello. Still, they somehow do it all without hurting anyone’s feelings, which is a feat in itself.

10. Leo

While some signs give a false sense of security, that’s not the case for this zodiac sign. If you have a Leo in your life, you already know your secret isn’t safe with them. Only tell them something if you want it to get out to everyone you know–and some you don’t.

11. Libra

You’d think someone so outgoing and with so many friends would be able to keep a secret better, but then there’s Libra. Luckily everyone just laughs off their loose lips as a fun little character quirk rather that an actual vice.

12. Gemini

If you know a Gemini, you’re probably already expecting them to be at the bottom of this list. While plenty of the other signs that suck at keeping secrets do so without malice in their hearts, Gemini does it often solely for the drama they’ll stir. Watch out for this one.

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