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The (Wrong) Type Of Person You Attract, Based On Your Zodiac

The (Wrong) Type Of Person You Attract, Based On Your Zodiac

The (Wrong) Type Of Person You Attract, Based On Your Zodiac


You attract passive people who expect you to do all the planning and carry out all of the conversations while doing nothing themselves.


You attract clingy people who get annoyed when you hang out with friends and have a life outside of the relationship.


You attract mysterious people who don’t like to share their emotions and commonly keep you in the dark, even when you ask them upfront questions.


You attract inattentive people who never remember little things about you or realize when something is wrong.


You attract gossipy people who are always involved in drama and get into a ton of arguments with you and everyone else.


You attract grumpy people who are always complaining about something and never seem to enjoy the moment. 


You attract flaky people who are never able to keep promises or follow through on plans that they’ve set with you.


You attract indecisive people who can never commit to a decision, even one as small as which restaurant to pick.


You attract immature people who never take life (or their responsibilities) seriously, no matter who it hurts.


You attract work-obsessed people who rarely leave room in their schedule to see you and are always checking their email when you’re together.


You attract spoiled people who think they are entitled to your time and act like you should feel lucky they want anything to do with you.


You attract fun-loving people who don’t take themselves too seriously and get uncomfortable whenever the relationship requires actual work.

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