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The Lesson You Are Learning from Your Current Life Chapter, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Lesson You Are Learning from Your Current Life Chapter, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Ask for what you want.

Human beings are strange creatures. We communicate through subtle hints, body language, little digs, and sometimes, even through silence. Your life chapter is teaching you how to leave behind those childish approaches and effectively communicate what you want to others. You’re done walking on eggshells or waiting for prince or princess charming. If you think someone is mad at you, you will ask them. If you are upset by something someone said, you will tell them. If you want to know if someone reciprocates your feelings, you will ask them. And you will see how easy, how expedient, how liberating it can be to just cut to the chase. Life will not lose any of its beauty or nuance once you start telling it like it is.


What brings you real happiness.

We know you are the monarch of retail therapy, Taurus, but this life chapter is about distinguishing the temporary highs from the things that bring you deep and lasting satisfaction. Identifying what makes you happy simply because it’s new, and what brings you closer to an outward reflection of your innermost self. The difference between buying another pair of sweatpants versus that leather backpack that makes you feel like a world traveler. That five-dollar cup of coffee versus a book of French poetry you read a page of each morning. Once you’ve begun to recognize the difference between the two, you can start allocating more time and resources to the things that will have lasting effects, instead of chasing no more than a fleeting feeling.


How to say no.

It is so hard Gemini, for you to turn something down without what feels like an appropriate excuse. You squirm for hours wanting to cancel plans because you feel obligated to lie, but are ethically unable to be dishonest. Your life chapter is teaching you that you can effectively communicate your boundaries. If you’re too busy, you do not need to take on another commitment or responsibility. If someone asks you on a date, you can let them down gently. You can move through the world without needing to please every single person who crosses your path; their lives will not be ruined. And yours will be better off because of it.


It’s not too good to be true.

Whatever it is that you’re questioning, Cancer, whatever is making you pinch yourself, this life chapter is here to teach you that you deserve it. You deserve to be happy, to be loved, to be appreciated, to be recognized, to be seen. You deserve to wake up in the morning and look forward to your day. You deserve to smile when you look at yourself in the mirror. You deserve to be fully present and enjoy your life without feeling guilty or needing to look over your shoulder. Life comes with its disappointments, but this, dear Cancer, is not one of them. Bask in the sunshine and soak up every last ray. Being happy is not dangerous.


Not wanting to is a reason in and of itself.

Sometimes it feels like you need a better reason, Leo. Like your intuition isn’t enough. You can’t put your finger on why you don’t like a person, a place, or an opportunity, but this life chapter is meant to show you that that is reason enough. If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t make you feel good, you don’t have to do it, choose it, be it, or put up with it. You can simply walk away from what doesn’t serve you, and you don’t need to go searching for any other reason to justify your gut. Just listen to it, trust it, and learn to hear it when it’s still stating facts and not sounding an alarm.


No response is sometimes the best response.

You know how to speak up for yourself Virgo. You can clap back, you can look someone in the eye and tell them exactly what they’re doing wrong and why it’s wrong. But sometimes, people just don’t deserve the expended effort. Your time and your energy can be spent on healthier, more productive uses. Those that will continue to hurt you, and don’t want to change, are best left alone and walked away from. The space will help you heal more than continuing to vent unproductively. There comes a time when you just need to trust in your gut that you are right without needing to demonstrate it to anyone else. If they don’t want to open their eyes and see the truth, it’s not your problem, never has been, and never will be.


Sometimes you just need to sleep it off.

It’s hard, Libra, to find yourself in a position where there is no easy answer to be found. Where you feel like you have no control over a situation, and you are emotionally overwhelmed with no recourse. This life chapter is here to teach you to take a beat. To try not to force yourself to feel a certain way, and instead sleep on it. To recognize that sometimes a night’s rest serves as a reset button on our perspective, well-being, or emotional state. While it may not fix all our problems for us, rest can put us in the right position to tackle the same problems head-on, and sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes it’s all we need. 


It’s okay to treat yourself.

You’re a people pleaser, Scorpio. Always focused on others. Always worried about being self-sufficient, not a bother or detriment to those around you. You save to spoil your loved ones or support yourself through a crisis, but this life chapter is here to teach you to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. You can afford that item you’ve been dreaming of, or that trip, or that experience. Your life’s purpose is not to work so you can provide things to just others, but also to yourself. You can’t take it with you when you die, so learn to smell the flowers, and sometimes buy them for yourself. Leisure time is not a sin, so stop being ashamed of it like it is. 


Your love has value.

You’ve been avoiding relationships, Sagittarius, because you feel that in some regard you’re not worth it or not good enough for someone to commit to. You’ve created a false competition in your mind and prematurely declared yourself the loser before you’ve even tried to make things work. You assume the person you want should be with someone different, should want someone different from the person you are. This life chapter is meant for you to learn that you are capable of the kind of love people dream about. You are so worried about how you measure up to people’s exes and track records, that you don’t allow space for you to create a present and future that is worthy of being cherished and valued. 


Your condition is not always a reflection of your effort.

There are parts of our lives where ask and you shall receive, try and you will succeed are maxims to live by, and others where they just aren’t. The carnival games of life where you can try and try and not see that the cards have already been stacked against you. There are goals you will not meet because they are unattainable by nature, people you cannot impress because they have already made up their minds about you, and that is okay. This chapter is for you to learn to distinguish between what you can and cannot control and to remember that you are the person best equipped to evaluate your own performance.


Words have power.

The intention is very important to you, Aquarius. What someone means, their interior motive matters more than their delivery. But words are nuanced. Words carry weight and have an impact on results. The way you describe something can determine how someone reacts to it. The way you position a conversation can make someone comfortable or uncomfortable with the subject matter, or control whether you can see eye to eye. This chapter in your life is meant to teach you that the first draft is not always the best. Some things need time and refinement before they’re ready to be shown to the public or said out loud. What you say or write today can be remembered tomorrow, months, or years from now. So be selective.


How you feel is not always equivalent to how things are.

Some days you feel like giving up, Pisces, but they are rarely the days when it is time to give up. Some days you may feel so sad, you forget all the times you were happy, but that doesn’t mean you’ve never been happy. Some days you will see or remember the worst in people, but that doesn’t mean they have no redeeming qualities. This chapter in your life is meant for you to listen to your feelings, but not rely on them entirely. It’s normal to feel terrible when we’ve done something we regret, but that doesn’t mean we’re terrible people. A terrible person would not feel remorse. Allow time to put some distance between yourself and that feeling, and see how it changes your outlook.

The Lesson You Are Learning from Your Current Life Chapter, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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