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The Biggest Mistake Each Zodiac Should Avoid Making In Relationships

The Biggest Mistake Each Zodiac Should Avoid Making In Relationships

The Biggest Mistake Each Zodiac Should Avoid Making In Relationships

ARIES: Taking your anger issues out on your significant other.  

You’re passionate and enthusiastic in everything you do. You’d lasso the constellations for your partner, and you demand the same level of devotion. You can become resentful and be pushy when you feel like you’re not having your efforts matched. You must be your partner’s number one, but easily neglect them for work. You prioritize your success, and use the relationship as a punching bag when things are stressful. Your lover can feel your rage just simmering beneath the surface. You should learn to control your temper. 

TAURUS: Letting your relationship become stagnant. 

Taurus, your significant other is wealthy in love and comfort. You’re a stable, loyal, and reliable partner. You provide for their every emotional need and earthly desire. You aim to build a home with somebody. Once you do, you easily get stuck in your comfort zone. You hate change and diving into new experiences, and tend to hold your partner back. You’re so content that you can become stagnant in love. Your partner needs more effort. You should avoid getting lazy in romance. Make more plans for dates, trips, staycations, and socializing together. Don’t be afraid of diving into the unknown with your love. 

GEMINI: Stirring up drama to keep it fresh.

You’re addicted to fun and games. You easily become bored in a loving, stable relationship because you need constant stimulation. This leads you to act hot and cold to your partner, and to eventually cause fights. You do it to keep it interesting. The drama you create scratches your itch for excitement, but your partner doesn’t find it as entertaining. It makes them feel frustrated, exhausted, and underappreciated. You have to learn new ways to bring the spark into your relationship, or risk losing your partner.  

CANCER: Not giving your partner enough space. 

You’re extremely caring. In love, you’re earnest in your words and overeager in your actions. Your significant other feels loved by you, but sometimes they feel suffocated. You can be smothering with your affection. When you form an emotional connection, it’s profound. You can become codependent and overly attached to your partners, even crossing their boundaries. Sometimes it’s hard for your lover to ask for space because they fear your response. You’re overly sensitive when they spend time away from you, and constantly require reassurance. Aim to be more secure in your relationships.

LEO: Refusing to swallow your pride.

You’re the lion of the jungle—regal and strong. As the biggest star of the zodiac, you have trouble accepting that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Leo, you can run the world, but you can’t control your partner. To make things work, you have to learn how to compromise. You can be passive-aggressive when you don’t get your way. When that doesn’t work, you resort to mind games and power plays. You’re feisty only because you’re so passionate. You must choose what battles to win. You need to learn how to be more humble and apologize. Let your partner in, rather than projecting your insecurities. Ask for help, instead of lashing out. 

VIRGO: Stop trying to change your partner. 

Virgo, you’re constantly working on ways to grow and improve yourself. You’re meticulous and organized. You know exactly where you want to be in the next fifty years. In relationships, you’re nurturing and generous. You love through acts of service. This includes attempts at arranging a partner’s life. They can feel micromanaged by you outside and inside the relationship. It’s overwhelming, even when you don’t mean to be critical. Your intentions are always good, but you could be more sweet and constructive with your criticism. Sometimes your significant other feels not good enough simply because they’ve failed to live up to your ideal of perfection. 

LIBRA: Not standing up for yourself. 

There’s nothing that you value more than harmony. You go out of your way to avoid conflict. In relationships, you can fully give up control to keep the peace, even letting your partner make all the decisions. Swallowing your own needs, you stay silent to keep them happy. For a healthy and thriving love life, you need to learn how to be more assertive. Standing up for yourself and asking for what you want isn’t needy. Don’t sacrifice your expectations of romance, Libra. Your lover can’t meet them by trying to read your mind.  

SCORPIO: Refusing to trust your partner. 

Traitors and players pervade the history of your romantic relationships. You almost never fully recovered from the venom of betrayal. The heartbreak jaded you and tainted your views on love. You’re too intense of a creature to never fall utterly for someone again. When you do, you fight against being fully vulnerable. You’re suspicious, possessive, and jealous. Your partner wishes you’d give them the benefit of the doubt. They’d be devastated to know that you went as far as keeping tabs on them without their knowledge and consent. Respect their boundaries, Scorpio. The only way your love will abandon you is if you push them too far. 

SAGITTARIUS: Taking your partner for granted. 

You’re either working hard, or hopping on the next flight. Sag, you have a driven and ambitious nature. It pushes you to experience everything there is in life. This doesn’t stop you from giving your heart away, but you find it difficult to balance love with other aspects of your life. It’s usually your significant other who ends up being put on the backburner. Your partner wishes you threw yourself into the relationship with the same effort you do with goals and social obligations. You make them feel included, but sometimes they wish it was just you two. Give them that quality time together at home

CAPRICORN: Don’t treat the relationship like a business. 

You make your significant other feel grounded. With you, they have the security so many want for in a relationship. But sometimes they feel more like a business partner than a lover. You take a long time to commit. Once you do, you continue to struggle with letting go of control. You can be overly domineering and make your partner feel both inadequate and smothered. Often, you prioritize your career over the relationship. You’re more comfortable talking about how to build a solid foundation together than you are expressing yourself emotionally. Your love knows that you want to create a future together, but they’re still waiting for you to let them in. 

AQUARIUS: Not learning how to meet your lover’s emotional needs.

Aquarius, you’re too busy daydreaming to notice that your partner feels neglected. You can come off as standoffish and detached, even when you don’t mean to. Sometimes your partner can mistake your need for space for dissatisfaction in the relationship. You should reassure them more when asking for time alone. Your partner respects that you hate convention, but do you respect that maybe they value a more traditional romance? You don’t have to sacrifice who you are, but you do need to compromise to make it work.

PISCES: Losing yourself in the relationship.

Pisces, no one has bigger dreams of love than you do. They’re beautiful, but those ideas can be unrealistic. You tend to get swept up in the fantasy and to over-idealize your partner. This can lead to you overlooking their shortcomings and overextending yourself in the relationship. Even when this isn’t the case, you’re so selfless and sacrificial in love. You struggle with being assertive in having your boundaries respected. Your partner’s needs come before your own. You can become so far removed from yourself. If you’re not careful, you won’t recognize how you’re molding yourself to fit into your lover’s ideal. 

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