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The 4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Likely To Regret Dating Their Exes

The 4 Zodiacs Who Are Most Likely To Regret Dating Their Exes

Some zodiacs feel like every relationship is a blessing. Even if it ends in fire and flames, they appreciate that they had the opportunity to meet someone so special. However, other signs don’t see breakups this way. When they get their heart broken, they start second-guessing their every move and wondering why they wasted time with someone so wrong for them. Here are some zodiacs who are most likely to regret dating their exes:


Sagittarius usually live life with zero regrets — but since they’re so impulsive, they occasionally end up wondering why they ended up in a relationship with someone. They rarely stop to think before jumping into relationships because they let their passion guide them. They listen to their heart and ignore whatever their head might be warning them about because they want to live life to its fullest. They want to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to them. Even though this sign might end up regretting the people they date, they would regret it more if they didn’t date them. If they didn’t at least give love a chance and see where it took them.


Scorpios are vindictive. When they get hurt, they aren’t going to forgive and forget. They will want to get even. They will want to feel like they’ve won the breakup. Although this sign might be wild about you when you’re dating, they are going to completely change their tune once you’re an ex. They won’t be able to remember what they saw in you. All of the things that they used to love about you will turn into things they cannot stand. Their anger and resentment over the breakup will make them turn on you. It will make it hard for them to remember the good times because all they’re thinking about are the bad ones.


Geminis change their minds frequently — and this isn’t actually a bad thing. It’s healthy that they’re able to admit when they were wrong and pivot to find true happiness. But since this sign is fickle, one day they might be in love with you, and the next, they will want nothing to do with you. One day, they will picture forever with you, and the next, they will decide it’s better if you never speak again. The change can happen fast. 


Capricorns can’t stand feeling like they’re in over their heads — and that’s exactly how relationships make them feel. They can handle any issue at work, but love issues are another story. They have a tough time going through breakups because they feel like they should have seen the pain coming. They feel like they should have picked up on red flags faster or noticed when something was wrong. Capricorns don’t necessarily regret falling in love with their ex. They regret their own choices that led them to rely so much on their ex. They regret getting fooled into thinking this person was actually the one because they thought they knew better than that.

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