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How You Should Respond When Each Zodiac Bursts Into Tears

How You Should Respond When Each Zodiac Bursts Into Tears

How You Should Respond When Each Zodiac Bursts Into Tears


When Aries breaks down, they want to know someone else can be the strong one, even when they can’t. Keeping a calm level head, and the appearance of confidence will give them a sense of much-needed security in a rare moment of raw emotion. 


A Taurus is brought to tears over the loss of something that can’t be replaced. Heirlooms, time, loved ones. Understanding the gravity of their grief, even if it’s something small that is specifically sentimental for them, will help them feel seen and validated.


A Gemini just wants you to listen. They’re not looking for solutions. They don’t want to be told everything will be okay. They need a shoulder to cry on, and someone they can vent to. Summarizing the issue will let them know their feelings matter to you.


You don’t have to say anything to a crying Cancer. Big emotions make them uncomfortable. The best thing you can do is to provide a reassuring physical presence. A friend to sit next to, a partner to hold. Anything that shows you won’t run away.


Leos love to feel validated. Mirroring their emotions, or taking their side will help them work through whatever’s bothering them. They want to know someone is standing in their corner, even if there is no one specific to blame. Sometimes a Leo just needs to hear someone say “Life’s a bitch.”


Most of the time you’re with a Virgo you should pretend like nothing happened, slowly back away without making eye contact, and never ever acknowledge that you saw them be vulnerable. Unless you’re literally the one person in the world they want to be held by. 


A Libra will rationalize their emotions and apologize for their reaction. Remind them that it’s okay to cry. Even if they’re smart, self-aware, and mature enough, they just need to let it all out. Understanding their feelings doesn’t mean they don’t need to run their course.


Scorpios need affection, even in the most trying of times. Wipe their tears, stroke their hair, wrap them in a blanket, and kiss their forehead. Anything that is repetitive and soothing enough to give them some relief, and ideally put them to sleep. Big emotions exhaust them.


A Sagittarius just needs to be talked down from a crisis. For all their lighthearted ways, they are prone to bouts of melancholy. Whether it’s going to or not, they want to be told everything is going to be okay and reminded of something positive.


Capricorns need something productive to focus on. Something to make them feel capable in a time when they feel helpless. Obviously, give them some time to calm down, but once they do, find something they can help you with, and it will raise their spirits in no time.


Aquarians need help turning empathy into action. They will really soak in all the details of a tragedy anywhere in the world and mourn for people they don’t even know. Switching their attention to what they can do to provide aid or relief will help them snap out of their emotional paralysis.


A Pisces just needs to connect the dots. Oftentimes they will feel something and manifest their emotions before understanding the source of all the overflow. Helping them talk through exactly what triggered their reaction will allow them to find the clarity they need to be at peace.

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