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How Each Zodiac Takes Control Of Their Life

How Each Zodiac Takes Control Of Their Life



Aries take control of their lives by being willing to fight for what they want. They know opportunities are limited and in high demand, and they’re not shy when it comes to having a competitive edge. They identify the skills it will take to get where they want to go in life and dedicate themselves to a training routine that will get them to their goals. To really go the distance with any one thing requires them to commit to what matters most. Every choice has its required sacrifices, and Aries is the sign who controls their destiny by knowing what’s worth it to them and what’s not.



Tauruses are known to be picky. They would rather save up for months to afford a Michelin-star dinner than eat regularly at a local chain. To them, life is about quality, not quantity. They’re the sign most likely to sport a capsule wardrobe sprinkled with designer items that fly under the radar, giving off old-money vibes whether they actually come from it or not. They take control of their lives by having the confidence to know what they like without needing to prove anything to anyone. Their choices are about bringing themselves happiness and fulfillment, not impressing or competing with the people around them.



Geminis are the sign most likely to have a one, five, ten, and twenty-year plan, fully fleshed out, color-coded, and accessible in digital or analog formats (in case the internet implodes in an apocalypse). It can be a little excessive at times, but baked into those timelines are limits, and boundaries for how long they will spend at a job, in a relationship, or towards any other goal before they need to see results or walk away. They take control of their lives by not falling prey to the sunk cost fallacy. They’ll never feel stuck or obligated to continue down a path that isn’t in line with their aspirations. 


Back-up plans.

Cancers are always ready to pivot. Some say it’s because they don’t trust the people around them, but in actuality, they are just open to life’s unpredictability. They don’t go through life expecting everything to unfold according to plan, so they’re prepared for any outcome. They take control of their lives by having other options available, and not letting their expectations dictate their emotional state. They’re the sign who won’t let their holiday be ruined by a burnt turkey or cry over spilled milk. They can weather a storm and still feel somewhat in control even when life throws them a curveball.



Leos do not wait for others to offer them the things they are looking for in life. If they want affection, entertainment, companionship, or attention, they ask for it. They pick up the phone, call or text, and make plans for themselves. They bring groups of people together, flirt with their crushes, and research activities to find things they enjoy. They apply for the jobs they want and ask for the raises they deserve. They take control of their lives by being their own catalysts and making things happen themselves. They’ll never be caught waiting for someone to read their mind for them.



Virgos are well-oiled machines. They know their limits, set boundaries with others, and have rules for literally every aspect of their lives. You will never meet anyone more meticulously groomed or with a cleaner home than a Virgo. They never wait for chores to pile up or things to wear down to care for them. Their hair is cut before split ends have time to form, and their motor oil is always changed on time. They never settle in a career or a relationship and know exactly the treatment they expect to receive from others. In return, they hold themselves to incredibly high standards.



Lack of control typically involves excess to some extent. Our health is at risk if we eat or drink too much. Our mental health can suffer if we obsess over a single fear or person. Our finances suffer when we go overboard with spending. Libras eliminate these excesses by maintaining constant balance. They are acutely aware of the necessary factors required for their own homeostasis. How much sleep they need, when chores need to get done, and how much downtime they need. All the tiny things that when combined dictate whether or not they are satisfied with life. They see the bigger picture where each choice has a butterfly effect on the whole.


Power dynamics.

Scorpios know how to get what they want from others. They can occasionally be accused of manipulation, but in reality, they just have good negotiating skills. They understand the need for mutual benefit in any relationship, and can effectively communicate their value to others. They refuse to be undervalued or taken advantage of and never fall prey to insecurity. They know how to interact with partners, bosses, parents, or neighbors in a way that commands respect. They take control of their lives by making it crystal clear to others just how lucky they are to have a Scorpio in their own.


Breaking traditions.

Sagittarius is the sign that throws the rule book out the window because they don’t know any other way to go besides against the grain. Their curiosity makes them question everything, and their biggest fear is leading an average life. So they take control of their own by carving out their own path, no matter how exhausting a process it may be. Whether they have to bushwhack with a machete or carve their way through marble, their destination is at the end of the road less or better yet, never-traveled. It’s the only way they can feel certain their choices were theirs and theirs alone.



Capricorns take responsibility for everything in their lives as if it was a business they owned. Their relationships, their finances, and their well-being. Everything falls squarely on their shoulders, and they never make excuses for themselves or blame things on others. They take control of their lives by taking ownership of all the ways they have an opportunity to set a course for themselves. They focus on the things they can control, and all the areas where they have the power to make decisions. They invest themselves fully in every endeavor and are respected for the effort they put forth.



Aquariuses speak up for themselves and others around them. They will overcome adversity and respond to injustice. They are never a bystander on the sidelines of life, but active player always moving towards a goal. They take control of their lives by getting involved in the things that affect their quality of life, and not accepting current conditions as something set in stone. They are always optimistic about the possibility of change or improvement because they are also realists about the past and present. Because they know the truth about where things stand, they truly understand the work required to bring about change.


Protagonist perspective. 

Pisces see themselves as the main character of their lives. Whether or not they are the most popular or successful person in a room, they never lose sight of their potential to be interesting. They know their internal monologues are rich with thoughts and ideas of value and believe their lives ebb and flow in a plot-like manner. When things slow down or they become bored with the status quo, they believe change is around the corner. They take control of their lives by refusing to despair, trusting that their lives are destined for a happy, or at least poetic, conclusion.

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