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Here’s What Every Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2023’s Mercury In Pisces

Here’s What Every Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2023’s Mercury In Pisces

Here’s What Every Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2023’s Mercury In Pisces


Pisces season is all about your self-care and taking your time. All this Pisces energy is about taking things slowly, even though this is against your mantra. Mercury in Pisces also slows your energy and allows you to reflect just before your birthday season. Appreciate this momentum for now as you recharge before mid-March.


During this transit, you could receive much more support from friends, family, and even colleagues. You enjoy this energy because it allows you to help others and get feedback where you need it. Mercury in Pisces brings you closer to making your dreams come true. 


Receiving acclaim for your hard work becomes easy with Mercury in Pisces. With Mars still in your sign, you could feel pressured to succeed and be more impulsive, but Mercury slows you down and reminds you that playing the waiting game is more beneficial. Think before you speak and plan.


As a water sign, Mercury in Pisces allows you to look ahead and stay motivated. Mercury paves the way to let you see what you desire with your career goals. If you feel uninspired, you will feel a wave of inspiration at this time. 


Reclaiming your control will be a focus during this Mercury in Pisces transit. Now that Saturn is ready to move out of Aquarius, you see your responsibilities becoming more manageable. Communicating is easier now and you can get your point across more confidently. You will not feel as restricted; instead, you will be able to regain control and more balance.


Your ruler, Mercury, is in your sister sign Pisces, allowing you to take on a more confident approach with your connections. During this Pisces season, your relationship house is activated and you could encounter more friends or new people in your life. It is all about knowing who to give your energy to. Focus on those who bring you joy.


Becoming more aware of your limitations is the theme of this transit. Mercury in Pisces allows you to be kinder to yourself while also making you more focused on efficiency. You will have the discipline to get things done and understand what works with the schedule and what doesn’t.


Mercury in Pisces inspires you to be more hopeful about relationships and how you can establish more fruitful bonds. If there have been some challenges with moving on, either from a friendship or relationship, Mercury in Pisces allows you to feel more confident to close a chapter. You will feel more optimistic about who you meet in the future. 


Now that Mercury is in Pisces, you are free to think outside the box. For the next several weeks, you will focus on bringing more efficiency to your daily life. You are not afraid to go after what you want and other people will take notice. Mercury in Pisces expounds on your creativity and can be a fruitful time to work on drafts right before Mercury enters Aries.


During this transit, you will be more compelled to connect with your creative side. Mercury in Pisces inspires you to reach out to people and to be more social. You could see more positive changes in your social life as you get invited to parties or work outings. All eyes are on you during this transit.


There is a need for you now to focus on stability and balance. With Mercury in Pisces, you understand more about how to handle and manage your responsibilities. You are more adept with the changes now and will go with the flow easily. As the sign changes to dreamy Pisces, you can feel more empowered with your innovative side.


Mercury is now in your sign, making you the star of the show. You have an edge with how you express yourself. You could feel a lot more confident and filled with self-love. Mercury in Pisces sparks up your imaginative side and gives you courage. You are more engaged with the things you care about. Pursuing your dreams inspires you, but create solid plans to triumph.

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