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Here’s Exactly Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Capable Of Cheating

Here’s Exactly Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Capable Of Cheating

Here’s Exactly Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Capable Of Cheating


The Ram can fall prey to their impulses even when in love because they’re always looking for the next shiny thing. Nothing terrifies Aries more than routine. A stable, loving relationship can make them feel on edge. They’re a perpetually restless sign, forever yearning for novelty. When Aries cheats, they’re not seeking out emotional connection. For them, it’s more about conquest. Usually, their dalliances are impulsive—one-night stands or short-lived affairs. Aries loves the chase and becomes bored in love. They cheat purely for the excitement—for the cheap thrill of infidelity. They’re not above being unfaithful just for the ego boost, either. 


The Bull is a loving partner who takes relationship responsibilities seriously…most of the time. Hedonistic Taurus embodies the five senses and lives by having them all tantalized. They don’t have qualms about indulging carnally with others. However, if Taurus has invested significant time in a relationship, they won’t rock the boat without good reason. This is a creature who hates change. Security is of utmost importance to them. Taurus longs for someone to spend life with. When seriously committed, they typically cheat because they found comfort in other arms. If Taurus feels neglected or lonely in love, they’ll go looking for the intimacy they need elsewhere. 


Why have only one, when you can have two…or more? Gemini lives thinking the grass is eternally greener on the other side. They’re never satisfied with what they have. Even happy in a relationship, they fear they may miss out on the actual “one.” It’s not that they can’t commit, it’s just that they fear ceasing to grow as a person. Gemini is constantly seeking to learn something new. They get bored in stable relationships. Their curiosity must be satiated. Gemini will cheat out of pure impulse, to let loose, out of pure boredom. They cheat because they can. They’ll justify it, telling themselves all kinds of excuses. This sign enjoys tempting fate to see what they can get away with.


Cancer can be prone to cheating in the early stage of a relationship in order to self-sabotage. There’s nothing Cancer wants and fears more than falling in love—emotional vulnerability is terrifying to them. They also stray when they feel disconnected from their significant other. Their love is unconditional, yes, but it must be earned. The Crab will seek elsewhere for the intimacy (or validation) they’re not getting at home. Those they cheat with are either someone who makes them feel cared for or unsuspecting victims who are being strung along. Cancer will step out, all the while maintaining the white-picket-fence image of their relationship. They take great precautions to keep their lover’s scent off them.


Leo is a demanding partner who requires bountiful attention. They live for admiration (and gravitate toward anyone who gives them that). Leo is unfaithful when they begin feeling underappreciated in a relationship. They come off as egotistical and proud, but it’s only because deep down they’re insecure. If their partner isn’t being attentive, they begin formulating suspicious theories. Sometimes they cheat because they feel that you’re not being real with them; other times it’s simply to prove to themselves that they’ve still got it. Leo will jeopardize a serious relationship just to feel good about themselves. If life has left them feeling deflated or their ego has taken a hit, they’ll turn to infidelity just for the power. 


Virgos are capable of great loyalty, but they’ll stray when they overthink an absent partner or imperfect relationship. Feeling a lack of togetherness makes them feel uneasy. Sensing that they’re more into their partner than the other way around will drive them into someone else’s arms. When they’ve picked up on any subtleties that something within their partner has changed, they seek out something more ideal. They’ll even begin comparing their significant other to their illicit lover. Virgos also cheat to regain the upper hand—to restore their sense of control within the relationship. This sign can be driven to infidelity as a result of being tightly wound as well. 


Venus-ruled Libra is a deeply romantic soul who values their relationships. They’re also notorious for being one of the most unfaithful signs. Libra cheats for several reasons. They may realize they’re not actually ready to commit, they don’t think their partner is “the one,” or the romance has lost its spark. Being the natural pacifist Libra is, they just can’t bring themselves to end things when a relationship doesn’t fit the perfect image they have of love. So, when they feel unsatisfied, they cheat. They can rationalize anything away, even side pieces and clandestine reunions with old flames. This sign seeks to fulfill what they’re not getting at home, all the while telling themselves that as long as they’re careful, it won’t really hurt anyone. 


Scorpio values loyalty and hates dishonesty, so they typically cheat because something is missing. Usually, that something is sexual chemistry or emotional connection. Because Scorpios have a daring sexual appetite, they’ll cheat on someone they can’t be comfortable and open with about their dark desires. It’s only when a Scorpio’s emotional needs aren’t being met or they’ve fallen out of love that they’ll have an emotional affair. Scorpio will also be unfaithful if they feel hurt or suspect you of infidelity. Their vindictive spirit drives them to “settle the score.” They thrive on power and can’t help themselves. An unevolved Scorpio will cheat simply because they enjoy the illicit thrill of cheating. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of the unseen and the mysterious, Scorpio gets off on having clandestine secrets to keep. 


It’s no secret that Sagittarius doesn’t commit easily—they hate being tied down. This sign has a hearty appetite for life. Cheating for them is never malicious or personal. Sometimes Sag just needs to know that they’ve still got that fire in their veins. This sign cheats on impulse—simply because the opportunity presented itself. They cheat when they feel suffocated or when their freedom feels compromised. Quite bluntly, they’ll cheat due to a stagnant sex life—explorer Sag needs variety. The Archer is a thrill-seeker who enjoys the adventure of infidelity. They’ll easily justify the cheating in their mind by telling themselves they needed to let loose or reconnect with some old part of themselves. 


Love, like all things life, is viewed as a business by a Cap. Nothing makes a Cap stray faster than when a partnership ceases to be 50/50. They need emotional and financial assurance. It’s almost research for them, seeing what else is out there. They just want to be certain they made the right commitment. Often, they cheat when they already have an exit strategy in place. It’s chilling how adept they can be at rationalizing away infidelity. Even when a Capricorn is sure of their partner, they get tempted to break away and let loose. They go for a specific type of relationship—someone clean-cut and responsible who Mom and Dad can be proud of. However, beneath Cap’s strong convictions hides an edgier person. A major temptation for them would be someone completely opposite to their prim and proper partner—someone a little dangerous.


Even when they’ve found someone they want to share life with, they can be prone to straying. They cheat more than any other sign. Monogamy can make them feel smothered enough to go looking for a room to breathe. The number one reason an Aquarius will cheat is that their partner doesn’t give them the space they need. Aquarius live by their own set of rules. They will cheat simply because they couldn’t resist the experience. Eternally ever-so-curious, they’re unfaithful simply because they felt intrigued. Those they cheat with include strangers they met while traveling, one-night stands, and people who inspired them along the way. If someone shares a kink with Aquarius or is willing to explore one, they’ll freely indulge. The same goes for people who share obscure interests. 


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusion. They have incredibly unrealistic expectations of love. When their grand delusions of romance are shattered, they can become tempted by other options. Pisces will cheat as a means of escape when going through a rough relationship patch. This is because love provides them with an incredible high. If they can’t find it at home, Pisces will get their fix somewhere else. They also cheat when they meet someone they feel a magnetic connection with. This creature is highly susceptible to seduction because they believe in soulmates. Swept by fantasy, Pisces will allow themselves to explore an illicit affair and call it kismet.

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