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5 Zodiacs Who Make The Best Maids Of Honor

5 Zodiacs Who Make The Best Maids Of Honor

5 Zodiacs Who Make The Best Maids Of Honor

Your best man and maid of honor are important parts of your special day. That’s why you want to make sure to pick the right person for the job. You want someone who is going to help make the day feel even more special, not even more stressful. Here are some zodiacs who make the best maids of honor:


Pisces, you are attentive and caring. You pay close attention to the needs of your friends, which is why you make an excellent maid of honor. When it comes to throwing bachelorette parties or calming down the bride, you will know exactly how she wants you to handle the situation. You won’t do things based on the way you would want them done. You do it the way they want it done since you understand where they’re coming from and have a great sense of their personality.


Leo, you’re a natural leader, so you’re going to be able to help the bride out whenever they’re struggling. If they need advice, you will give it to them. And if they’re panicking and need to calm down, you will deliver an excellent pep talk that will make them feel strong and capable. Weddings are bound to have problems, and you’re the type of person everyone wants around in an emergency, which is why you make an excellent maid of honor. You will ace all of your duties and go above and beyond.


You’re a nurturer, so you will help the bride without needing to be asked. You will be able to anticipate what she needs and volunteer your help in order to make planning less overwhelming for her. You’re also a people-pleaser, so you aren’t going to get too stressed out when you’re given a million different responsibilities. You’re used to running around helping others. You’re happy to do it because you genuinely want the bride to have the best experience possible.


You love love, which is why you are always a wonderful person to have around during weddings. You keep things positive because you’re always able to see the silver linings. When the bride is panicking because something isn’t going as planned, you will be the one to remind her that she’s going to marry her best friend, that the day is going to be wonderful no matter what else goes wrong. You will be the calming, optimistic presence that she needs in order to enjoy an extremely stressful time.


Aries love to have a good time, so they are going to bring a ton of energy and passion to bachelorette parties and bridal showers. They will make sure that everyone is having a good time and keep the vibes fun. However, if there’s a problem and someone is causing you stress (whether it’s a vendor or a family member), then their claws will come out. They will protect you by putting others in their place so that you don’t have to do the dirty work yourself.

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