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4 Zodiacs Who Give Off Serious Daddy Energy

4 Zodiacs Who Give Off Serious Daddy Energy

As Pedro Pascal said in his Vanity Fair lie-detector interview, “daddy is a state of mind.” It isn’t about being an actual father (although you can certainly be both). Instead, being a “daddy” is about having commanding energy that’s both compassionate and no-nonsense. All while being hot as hell. So what zodiac signs have the best daddy energy, regardless of gender? Read on to see who’s on the list.


Famous Aries Daddy: Pedro Pascal

Aries is one of the most confident zodiac signs, so they’re the person you think of when you need to feed off their confidence. And considering they’re great at making decisions, taking the reins when others are waffling, it makes them the firm hand everyone gravitates toward. When it comes to daddy energy, Aries isn’t afraid to let everyone in the room know they’ve arrived. It’s animal magnetism.


Famous Leo Daddy: Jason Momoa

A good “daddy” will take the spotlight off of others to put it on themselves–but in a good way. You can just sit back and watch when they put on a show. Like Aries, they have the confidence and the “look at me” attitude that both get them into trouble and attract so many people from all walks of life. If you have a Leo Daddy in your life, you’ll probably have a bunch of competition from everyone you meet. But oh how special you’ll feel if a Leo chooses you.


Famous Virgo Daddy: Idris Elba

Virgos are great at getting things done, which means you’ll go to them when you want someone to tell you what to do. They won’t mince words, either. There’s no time to spare your feelings. Instead, they tell you what you should do and how you should do it. But, you know, in a hot way. If you have the fortune of dating a Virgo Daddy, get ready to be taken care of.


Famous Pisces Daddy: Oscar Isaac

Pisces Daddies have a quiet intensity that can be intimidating. You wonder about what’s simmering under the surface and, if you’re lucky, they’ll show you. Only the most privileged get a peek at who they truly are at heart. That also makes them fiercely loyal once they finally find the one person they’re willing to be their true self with. You hook a Pisces Daddy and you have him for life.

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