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4 Zodiacs Who Date Too Soon After A Break Up

4 Zodiacs Who Date Too Soon After A Break-Up

4 Zodiacs Who Date Too Soon After A Break Up


Love, like everything in life, is a game that Aries refuses to lose. They’re determined to “win” the breakup by moving on faster than their ex. Aries view heartbreak as a personal defeat, so they do anything in their power to avoid feeling it. They swiftly download dating apps and start going out more. Aries post-split is like a child who had their favorite toy snatched from them at the playground. They, however, will not hesitate to go looking for a new one. 

A breakup is a huge blow to their personal ego, especially if it wasn’t what they really wanted. They refuse to dwell, letting their sadness transform into anger or indifference. Aries moves on quickly to mask the emotional pain from everyone—especially themselves. If they feel enough of a connection with someone, they’ll dive into a new relationship soon. Aries will fixate on “love at first sight” before getting over their previous romantic baggage. 


Gemini doesn’t want to wallow in feelings of sadness after a breakup. They can’t be honest with themselves about their emotions because they have serious issues managing them. This sign won’t allow them time to process and heal—it would mean facing everything they fear. Instead, Gemini will convince themselves that something exciting or new will be just the thing to “snap them out of it.” They want to prove to themselves that they’ve still got it. 

It’s also important to them to prove that they couldn’t care less (even when they’re secretly dying inside). So, they quickly pounce and engage in risky romantic behavior. Gemini invented the revenge lay, and they sure aren’t above sleeping with your bestie. Gemini will embrace whatever situation if it helps them emotionally detach themselves. Their rebounds are always shallow and end up making them feel sadder. If they’re not careful, they can carry all their baggage into the next meaningful relationship. 


Dating swiftly after a breakup for Leo is about two things—finding someone to nurse their confidence back to health and humiliating their ex. Like fellow fire sign Aries, breakups deeply bruise Leo’s ego. They rebound quickly to seek validation. Nothing knocks them off their golden pedestal like heartbreak. The Lion comes off as cocky and arrogant, but that’s only because they hide how insecure they truly are. 

Leo will publicize the break-up and their “moving on journey.” They’ll talk about their hookups and dating app experiences on social media. Always sure to post hot selfies before dates, Leo will act like they’re having the time of their life being single. They do this because they’re vindictive and petty. In reality, being on the prowl makes them sad. They can be susceptible to falling into a serious relationship again too soon if someone knows how to give them the right amount of affirmation. Typically, with someone who doesn’t know how to meet their emotional needs and who takes advantage of their generous nature. 


Libra doesn’t know how to deal with suddenly being alone. This sign values harmony, so a breakup throws their whole world off balance. They have a natural confidence but are prone to self-identifying in relationships. They feel a loss for their significant other, but also a loss for a sense of self and purpose. Libra absolutely adores being in a relationship, but they may love the nuances of partnership more than the actual person. 

Heartbroken Libra is a lost soul. They go looking for any hot piece that will prevent them from thinking about the breakup. This sign will go seeking comfort in sex with strangers, and often ends up getting entangled with shady characters. For this reason, they tend to jump into new relationships with people completely wrong for the—people who could never meet their emotional depth. Libra moves on frighteningly quickly, but they’re looking for their ex in everyone they meet. 

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