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4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Finally Catch A Break During Pluto In Aquarius

4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Finally Catch A Break During Pluto In Aquarius

In case you didn’t know, Pluto has finally moved into the sign of Aquarius!

Make no mistake—despite the forgotten reputation of Pluto (you’ll always be a planet in my heart), it makes its presence quite known in astrology. Pluto is the planet of transformation, death, rebirth, upheaval, etc. So basically, pretty heavy stuff.

Additionally, given Pluto’s distance from the Sun, it takes a while to make a complete orbit—about 20 years! So we pay attention when Pluto decides to move into a new sign. Of course, since it moves at a slower pace, we may not feel the immediate effects of Pluto the same as Mercury or Venus, but when we look back over the last few decades, we can often notice the patterns and challenging lessons that took place for us. When Pluto is in a sign, though, it can feel a greater intensity on growing and becoming that may not always make life easier, but it can be important to learn from. We are always changing, and Pluto greatly supports that cause.  

That said, while some zodiac signs are about to connect with Pluto on a more personal level, some signs will feel some relief as it moves into Aquarius. These signs will certainly still feel Pluto’s influence, but likely in a more manageable way that can be easier to deal with. Pluto will have a slight retrograde back into Capricorn later this year, but for now, these signs will get be able to feel more at ease than they have for a while.

Check out the signs (Sun and Rising!) below to see which ones will catch a break now that Pluto has fully shifted into Aquarius.


You, Capricorn, more than anyone else, have reason to celebrate Pluto’s newest shift. For the last 20 years, Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn, and boy, have you felt it. Whether you’re a Capricorn Rising or have significant placements in the sign, Pluto has, at some point, crossed over and left its impact. While you certainly have learned plenty of lessons and likely can see genuine change in your life, that doesn’t mean the pressure wasn’t felt. Now that Pluto is entering Aquarius, you can breathe a little easier and apply those lessons to good use. Your identity and view of yourself is something to embrace and allow confidence to be seen in your life and your approach. You’re doing great!


For Cancer risings in particular, Pluto has done quite a number regarding your relationships. While you may have actively been working on yourself, these last two decades have likely been filled with you trying to understand and grasp the relationships you want, need, and deserve. Pluto is not a fan of letting the pieces fall where they may—you need to pick them up and build something from them. Whether you’ve had a relationship fall apart, experienced significant trials, or even felt you’ve had to work harder than you should at relationships with partners and friends, you’ve likely learned what you need and how to navigate those connections. Pluto is now shifting into Aquarius, and you’ll surely feel the weight lift off your shoulder in this area. The important thing is to take the lessons you’ve learned and apply them. Don’t be tempted to fall back into old habits.


For Libra risings specifically, Pluto in Aquarius has spent the last 20 years transiting your 4th House of Home and Roots. You’ve likely experienced struggles in your home life or in your home-oriented relationships. You may have even struggled to feel at home anywhere and have had to wrestle with your childhood issues and move past them to get where you are now. With Pluto shifting into Aquarius, you’ll have some newer exploration about your Creativity and Romance, but you’ll have a firmer grasp on what home means to you and how to feel more secure and settled in that idea. 


Aries, you truly have so much going for you this year! Regarding Pluto, the last two decades have focused on your career and public image. Whether you’ve been trying to determine your career life path or have been trying to make a name for yourself, Pluto has likely had you on an intense journey while you figured out your bearings. Now that it’s shifting into Aquarius, you’ll likely feel more settled and accomplished, with a clearer picture of where you want to go and how to get there. Remember the lessons you’ve learned during this time and apply them, especially if it involves taking on more responsibility or getting paid more for your work. You know what your worth is, and it’s time to own it.

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