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Zodiacs Ranked By How Likely They Are To Go After Someone Who’s Taken

Zodiacs Ranked By How Likely They Are To Go After Someone Who’s Taken

Zodiacs Ranked By How Likely They Are To Go After Someone Who’s Taken

1. LEO (7/23 – 8/22)

You’re sitting at the top of this list for a very specific reason, Leo. You’re not the undisputed home wrecker of the bunch, but you do have the widest exposure to relationships as the most social zodiac. The number of breakups and makeups that you have to keep track of amongst your circle of acquaintances has colored the way you view potential partners. You know that who’s taken one day may not be the next, so you leave all options open. You don’t have any qualms about your love story beginning where another one ends.

2. SAGITTARIUS (11/22 – 12/21)

You’re a close second, Sagittarius, because of your free spirit. You’re not exactly a solipsist, but you do let your personal experience drive your decision-making. In the same way, you can get on a plane, arrive in a foreign country, and feel strangely at home, you care more about chemistry than the relationship status of the person you’re having it with. At the end of the day, you’re a hopeless romantic that hopes that two people can belong together, but also modern enough to draw the line at total possession. People can stay or leave at their leisure.

3. ARIES (3/21 – 4/19)

Aries, you’re not afraid to back down from a fight. If you really want someone, you’re not going to sit in a corner and pine. You put your heart on the line, and sell the shit out of everything you have to offer as a partner, animated PowerPoint included. You’re not put off by the thought of competing for someone else’s attention because you know life is full of opportunities and people vying for them. It’s natural to explore all the options, and you’re confident that you’ve got what it takes to stand out from the pack.

4. VIRGO (8/23 – 9/22)

For you, Virgo, it’s never a question of competition. You’re just simply the best. Undisputedly, unquestionably the best. You know how to make yourself seen without trying. How to attract just by being in the same room. You are a flame, and if a moth leaves their partner to bask in your irresistible light, you can’t be blamed. You’re not spiteful, though—if you have your eyes on someone who’s taken, it’s because you see something in them you can’t let get away. You’d never get in the middle of something just to prove you can. Knowing is enough.

5. SCORPIO (10/23 – 11/21)

You’re an interesting case, Scorpio. Maybe you were expecting to be higher on the list because you’re the most open-minded sexually, but we also know that you need attention. You’re open to a fling with someone who is taken, their partner is their problem. But the person you’ll really have your eyes on, truly want to start a relationship with, will be totally available. You require a certain level of devotion that can’t be shared, even temporarily, with another person. You need to be the star of the show or it just won’t work.

6. PISCES (2/19 – 3/20)

You’re smack dab in the middle, Pisces, because you will fall for someone who’s taken, and then silently suffer for extended periods of time without blatantly expressing your feelings. You’ll get close to the person in every other way, without deliberately crossing any lines into the licentious territory. You are the archetypal “in love with their best friend” rom-com character with an incorruptible moral code. You believe in karma and won’t try to wreck something that’s in progress. You’re not opposed to watching from a front-row seat as the relationship unravels on its own.

7. LIBRA (9/23 – 10/22)

You want to get what you give, Libra, and you know that anyone who’s taken will never give you 100%. You’re so decisive yourself, you don’t want to wait around for someone who is on the fence either. Your partners know what good boundaries you have and how you really see the two of you as a team. You commit from the beginning, laying the groundwork and respect a relationship needs to go the distance. You can’t get started on any of that while you’re the other person, so you don’t even bother wasting your time.

8. GEMINI (5/21 – 6/20)

Gemini, you just don’t have time for the drama. You are way too busy, and committing to going after someone who is taken is a long game that requires time and energy you can’t spare. Plus, when you do indulge in a little drama, it’s you who enjoys being chased. Your exes just love to come out of the woodwork, especially when you’re taken. You know what’s good for you though, and purposefully seek out and choose the people who treat you the way you deserve to be treated. That includes being certain about yourself.

9. CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/19)

Business-minded Capricorn, you know there’s just too much risk involved with going after someone who’s already in a relationship. You could get hurt, or worse, ruin your reputation. Your good name means everything to you, and you don’t need the shame of bearing that homewrecker label. That’s not how you want to see yourself either. It’s all just a game of mergers and acquisitions to you anyway, and if the market changes, you’ll get what you want without having to pay such a dear price.

10. TAURUS (4/20 – 5/20)

You’re too stubborn, Taurus, to go after someone else’s partner. You need to get what you want, without any obstacles standing in your way. Your obsession with luxury also drives your ego. You know that value increases with exclusivity. You don’t want what just anyone has, it’s got to be handmade for you. You’d also never settle for someone with a wandering eye. You know you’re too much of a catch to be a stepping stone for someone else who loves to jump from one relationship to the next.

11. AQUARIUS (12/22 – 1/19)

You care too much about the partner, Aquarius. You’ve either been cheated on or can just imagine how terrible it would be to ever be part of any love triangle. Your principles don’t allow you to enjoy something at someone else’s expense. You also think it would spoil anything between the two of you. That they’d always see you as the person they were unfaithful with, instead of the person they’re committed to. It might hurt to set your own feelings aside, but you think it’s worth it to save everyone a world of trouble.

12. CANCER (6/21 – 7/22)

Here you are at the end of the list, Cancer because you’d never trust a cheater. No matter the circumstances, you’re firm in your belief that one relationship needs to end before another can begin. If there were existing problems before you, it’s for that couple to work through on their own before you enter the picture. If someone is unhappy, they can leave before seeking a new partner. You judge people on their actions, and if they would betray another partner, there’s no promise they won’t betray you too.

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