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Why Breakups Won’t Get Each Zodiac Down For Long (In One Sentence)

Why Breakups Won’t Get Each Zodiac Down For Long (In One Sentence)

Why Breakups Won’t Get Each Zodiac Down For Long (In One Sentence)


You are a fighter so you’ll keep pushing forward even when your hope is gone until eventually, one day that hope returns and you remember your worth again.


You are stubborn, so you aren’t going to give up on finding love or happiness after one failed attempt.


You are an optimist, so you’re going to find the beauty and the life lessons in the relationship you shared even though it didn’t last as long as you hoped.


You are a romantic so you trust that the right person for you is out there and that you’ll find them eventually, as long as you keep trying.


You are resilient and will always bounce back because you sense your own potential and know you’re destined for more than this sadness.


You have a good sense of character so you’ve surrounded yourself with good people, people who are going to help you through this pain and come out on the other side again stronger than ever.


You are hopeful, so you have faith that everything is unfolding the way it’s meant to unfold and that you will find more happiness without this person than with them.


You are petty AF and won’t let another person be responsible for ruining your life, so you will thrive even if it’s only to spite them and prove that they weren’t needed in the first place.


You are courageous, so even if you’re scared to love again, you will still put yourself out there and move on.


You are passionate about interests and experiences you have outside of romantic relationships, so you aren’t going to feel like your whole world is destroyed just because you’re single.


You are creative and will find fun, healthy outlets to release your frustrations and heal from your pain, whether that’s by creating art, journaling, or picking up a new hobby.


You are in touch with your emotions, so you will give yourself the space to process what you’re feeling so you can move forward even happier and healthier in the long run.

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