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What The Day Of The Week You Were Born Means, According To Astrology

What The Day Of The Week You Were Born Means, According To Astrology

What The Day Of The Week You Were Born Means, According To Astrology


Those born on a Sunday are children of the sun. People born on Sunday are considered to be bold, creative, and proud. According to astrology, Sunday babies do not want an ordinary life and will do anything to make sure they live out their wildest dreams.


Those born on a Monday are children of the moon. Astrologically speaking, people born on Monday are thought to be sensitive, maternal, and adaptable. And because Monday babies’ ruling planet is the moon, this means the moon cycles will play a huge role in their lives.


Those born on a Tuesday are children of Mars. As a reminder, Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. This means that people born on Tuesday have a natural aptitude for battle and to lead the way to win. Tuesday babies are energetic, brave, and at times a little reckless. They have big dreams and want to be successful, no matter what it costs.


Those born on a Wednesday are children of Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, and travel. As such, people born on Wednesday are communicative, very logical, and at times a little flighty. Wednesday babies have a message to share with the world (Mercury is the messenger of the gods in mythology) so they are restless, always on the move trying to spread the word.


Those born on a Thursday are children of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck, generosity, optimism, and expansiveness. Because of this, people born on Thursday are incredibly joyful, positive, and have a great perspective. They are great energy to be around and encourage everyone to see things from their hopeful point of view.


Those born on a Friday are children of Venus. Venus is the planet of love and relationships as well as beauty. Along the same vein, people born on Friday are social, affectionate, and at times a little vain and overly concerned with how they are perceived by others. Friday babies always are seeking out love and beauty in everything that they do.


Those born on a Saturday are children of Saturn. Saturn is the planet of wisdom, discipline, and karma. For people born on Saturday, their life is defined by their family tree. As well, because of Saturn’s influence, Saturday babies never have the easiest life path. That said, those born on Saturday are full of wisdom and are professional, modest, and disciplined.

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