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According To Your Sign, What Success Means To You

According To Your Sign, What Success Means To You

According To Your Sign, What Success Means To You

Undoubtedly, there is a beautiful moment in people’s lives, the one in which they discover that they are not here to make the person next to them smile. I’m talking about when there’s nothing left but to put on your pants and embrace bravery because they want something more. They get tired of being cowards, they are not going to stay in a place where they are no longer happy. Right behind your fears is a success, but… What does success mean to you according to your zodiac sign?


Before Aries thought that success was related to recognition, he martyred himself so much that he became just another trophy, meeting everyone’s expectations except his own. It was difficult to understand that his emotions are the ones that really matter and that no matter how much he wants it is impossible to please everyone. He understood that success is getting up every morning and improving his version of himself from the day before. 


How nice to see a self-confident Taurus, saying what they feel and what they don’t like. For a while, he had the idea that the more people on his list, the more successful he was, but he ended up opening his eyes when he realized that there are many people who only get close for convenience and there is nothing worse than surrounding yourself with envy. Now, he knows that as long as he feels comfortable with something, the opinion of the rest is superfluous. 


At the moment when they least imagined it, life put a stop to Gemini, it made them understand that being on all the time is not synonymous with success. He got tired of so many outings, so many false faces and that need to keep up appearances all the time. He understood that it is best to listen to his intuition and if he tells him that he has to rest, it is valid. It is not about giving up, it just should not be saturated. 


Ultimately, everyone goes through that stage where they believe that excelling at everything they do is synonymous with success. However, with the passage of time, maturity, disappointments, and each crack experienced, one learns that this is not the case. Cancer, now he knows that what fills his soul the most and calms his ego is helping others. He discovered that success tastes better when shared and that is why he is not afraid to see the one he loves shine. 


One of the hardest lessons that Leo has had to learn is to listen to himself because without realizing it he became the pillar of many, but he forgot about himself. He was always there, at the foot of the canyon, to understand and advise, however, he understood that reciprocal relationships are not with just anyone. So, he vowed never to give his time and energy to people who aren’t even happy with his success. 


Virgo’s ego had him trapped, making him believe that highlighting other people’s mistakes would make him feel better, but it was a tremendous mistake. It became exhausting to see everyone as competition, he no longer enjoyed it and he was scared that they would also criticize him, as he did with others. However, he understood that success is not making fun of the misfortune of others and that nothing happens if you take the time to help someone else. Inner peace is to be successful. 


It’s no secret that there are times when Libra loses control when it comes to helping the people they love, they really know no limits and that’s worrying. Well, there are those who only come close to taking advantage of her compassion. It was very hard for Libra to look in the mirror and understand that she does not have to take on other people’s responsibilities to be given love. Genuine relationships don’t need life fixed. Getting away from people like that has opened the doors of success for him.


Probably, Scorpio’s mistake was to become his worst critic, everything he did was insufficient to meet the standard he had in his head. This caused him sadness, anxiety, and fear. However, he already understood that life consists of continuing to grow and that it’s okay if there are days when he doesn’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes it’s just about appreciating what you have and being thankful. Another opportunity to succeed will come. 


And the day came when Sagittarius wondered why, what is the need to make an effort to fulfill the wishes of others. Success is not related to the approval of people who don’t even know their hearts. There are many people who are hypocrites, they say they love you and feel proud, but at the slightest opportunity, they attack you behind your back. Sagittarius was saved from that, and when he removed all that darkness, his life changed for the better. 


Worries, responsibilities, and obligations…he doesn’t even remember the moment when his life became a heavy schedule. Capricorn thought that being busy and with a lot of work equaled success, but no. He was there, lost among so much, making others happy, except him. So he understood that being successful is fine, but fighting for his passions is fine too. The heart is not fighting with his intelligence. 


It is true, there are times when Aquarius does not want to know anything about anyone and that does not mean that he is upset or that he no longer loves his loved ones, he simply needs his space. Being alone with his thoughts and dreams about him has led him to understand the true meaning of life. Success defines as being here, healthy, happy, and loved. Having the opportunity to save memories, that’s beautiful. 


Giving and giving, it’s nice when Pisces allows their compassion to take the reins of their life, but… it’s also worrying because there are those who don’t have good intentions and all they want is to squeeze them emotionally. That can not only lead to failure but also causes him to become distrustful. He already realized that if he puts himself first, success will come, because to help those who do deserve it, he has to be good first. 

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