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6 Toxic Zodiac Couples That Are Doomed To Fail

6 Toxic Zodiac Couples That Are Doomed To Fail

6 Toxic Zodiac Couples That Are Doomed To Fail


Despite their likely initial mutual attraction, the Ram and Bull are out of sync. These two can learn a lot from each other through friendship, but they’re one of the most volatile couples of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, Aries lives a fast-paced and spontaneous life. Taurus values the stable, risk-averse life that they have worked so carefully to build. This clashes with the Ram’s more adventurous way of living. Aries will become bored with Taurus, who doesn’t like being pushed outside their comfort zone. Taurus will become mentally exhausted by the aggressive Aries.

They would constantly bump heads, with Aries being so impulsive and Taurus putting more serious thought into their words and actions. Aries can be quick to lash out at quiet Taurus, who will then grow to silently resent their partner. Both are argumentative and stubborn and will wait for the other to apologize first. The communication can be subpar between the two. Both refuse to get off their high horse and admit they were wrong, leading to extended conflict without compromise. Aries can challenge patient Taurus enough to bring out the Bull’s notoriously bad temper. It’s a volcano when it meets Ram’s fiery wrath. If these two don’t destroy each other before making it long-term, their relationship can be one full of pent-up hostility. 


The Lion and Scorpion can be the fiercest besties or teammates but are one of the most intense and dramatic couples. Both are passionate and have explosive tempers. Arguments can lead to screaming matches, followed by silent treatment. Scorpio and Leo are fixed signs who have trouble compromising. They both live to prove a point. The relationship is riddled with power struggles and clashing egos. Proud Leo refuses to give in, and Scorpio must have their way. 

Their personalities and outlooks are wildly different. Scorpio, who has such a great need for privacy, is constantly bothered by Leo’s need for the spotlight. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun and is known for their energetic and optimistic nature. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, the planet named after the god of the underworld, has a dark side that likes keeping secrets. Leo can mistake introverted and mysterious Scorpio for being emotionally unavailable, then seek the attention they crave elsewhere without understanding that Scorpio also needs devotion. Scorpio feels uneasy with Leo’s need for adoring fans. Independent Leo feels suffocated by Scorpio’s jealousy, but that doesn’t stop them from occasionally purposefully poking the green monster. Their sexual chemistry is out of this world, which is what usually brings these two together, but it’s a fire that eventually burns everyone along with it. 


These two can be initially drawn to each other. Pisces is attracted to Gemini’s vivacious energy, and Gemini is curious about dreamy Pisces. What starts off as friendly turns deep and eventually ends in turmoil. Think novela; think Greek tragedy. They have trouble seeing eye-to-eye. Their arguments typically lead to passive-aggressive behavior from both parties. This couple will revel in the drama instead of joining forces to work through their problems. Communication is important to them both, but it lacks in the relationship. 

Their biggest issue is that they speak two very different emotional languages. Gemini simply lacks the emotional availability that Pisces requires. Pisces’ emotional needs make Gemini feel confined. Pisces wants to merge completely with their significant other—a complete union of bodies, minds, and souls. Gemini loathes being emotionally dependent on anyone and has a hard time sacrificing the space they need. Pisces is naturally in tune with their emotions and will frustrate rational Gemini by pushing them to explore theirs. Selfless Pisces will ask for less and give in more in order to satisfy their partner. Gemini will constantly make Pisces feel like they’re too much and even prey on their insecurities. This is one of the most toxic signs for Pisces because they will mold themselves into Gemini’s ideal, breaking their own heart in the process. 


It’s said that opposites attract, but these two are unlikely to ever make it past the casual stage. They just can’t connect on an emotional level. If things miraculously progress, what transpires is a painful relationship. One that runs past its expiration date and leaves both partners with scars. Together, these two signs would constantly fail to understand each other. More time is spent working on the relationship than enjoying it. Cancer’s presence feels invasive in an Aquarius’ life. Cancer feels emotionally neglected by Aquarius. 

They simply want very different things from love. Cancer values tradition and family, whereas unconventional Aquarius needs adventure and freedom. The Crab’s priority is their significant other. This is because Cancer derives its sustenance and sense of self from a relationship. Aquarius finds it important for both partners to live their separate lives. This means individual aspirations, separate friendships, and time away from each other. The Crab gets hurt by their partner’s need for time alone to recharge. Aquarius is forever drained by Cancer’s sensitivity. The Crab is too clingy for someone like Aquarius. Aquarius is too cold for someone as affectionate as Cancer. Homebody Cancer just wants to be cuddled up on the couch with their boo. This is Aquarius’ worst nightmare. They couldn’t be more incompatible.


Together this air sign and earth sign make a hell to behold. These two just can’t seem to align. Their relationship is one filled with conflict, challenges, and tension. Both partners feel constantly exhausted by the other. Libra is extroverted, while Capricorn is more reserved. It’s a cycle of Cap feeling drained by Libra, and Libra feeling confined by Cap. Their attitudes about life couldn’t be more opposing, and neither could their values. Ambition-oriented Capricorn gets frustrated by Libra’s more carefree disposition. Capricorn needs a mapped-out plan, so they struggle with Libra’s indecisiveness. 

Ruled by Venus, Libra sees love as a work of art. Capricorn has a more pragmatic take on relationships, one that can even come off as unemotional to Libra. Even when they feel emotionally neglected, ever so loving Libra will do everything to please Capricorn. They may even go against their own values to keep the peace and make their lover happy. Capricorn is critical and makes Libra feel as if their efforts aren’t good enough, forcing their own habits on their partner. Libra convinces themselves they’re worthless and weak, and their partner does nothing to make them feel otherwise. The relationship is a toxic unbalance of power. 


They fight a lot. They can never agree on anything—from what wine to order to what commitment should look like. These two can’t even get on the same page sexually. They’re both driven and ambitious, but they have very different approaches to realizing their dreams. For Sagittarius, it’s all about the journey and learning to appreciate the moment. Virgo is a perfectionist who is always looking to reach the next milestone. Their priorities clash. Virgo wants stability and to build a home. The Archer wants to uncover every mystery and experience every bit of magic this world has to offer. 

Both have a hard time tolerating who the other person is at their core. Virgo is cautious and finds comfort in routine. Spontaneous Sag can’t stay still for long, always looking to book the next flight or go on the next adventure. Sagittarius won’t ask their partner’s permission to do their own thing. This causes Virgo to feel abandoned and disrespected by their partner. The inability to feel safe in the relationship pushes Virgo to clam up. It annoys Sag, who won’t give into Virgo’s demands, and grows tired of being called insensitive by their partner. Sagittarius feels that Virgo is uptight and controlling. Feeling suffocated causes the Archer to be unfaithful…more than just a time or two.

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