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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Last A Week With A Controlling Partner

4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Last A Week With A Controlling Partner

4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Last A Week With A Controlling Partner

Your partner should view you as an equal. You should consult each other about decisions, but at the end of the day, you should allow each other to make your own choices. You should trust each other to do the right thing. Of course, some zodiacs are okay with partners who are a little bit bossy and like to take charge. But other zodiacs won’t want to stay in the relationship if you’re even a little controlling. Here are some zodiacs who won’t last long with a controlling partner:


Aries, you aren’t going to last in a relationship unless you’re given complete freedom. Of course, that doesn’t mean you feel like you can do whatever you want whenever you want. You are going to respect your partner’s boundaries and wishes. You are going to do your best to behave in a way that would make them proud. And if they trust you, then there shouldn’t be a problem. However, when someone tries to control you, you feel like it’s proof that they don’t trust your judgment or your actions. You feel like they are giving you orders because they question your intelligence and/or your commitment to them. And you aren’t going to stand for that.


Leo, you’re a leader, so if anything, you want to be the bossy one in the relationship. You want to be the one who is making decisions and setting weekend plans. Of course, you aren’t going to order your person around because you wouldn’t want them to do the same to you. You’re simply going to explain your thoughts and see how your partner feels about them. Even though you might secretly think you’re right and they’re wrong, you’re willing to compromise. Your person deserves respect. They deserve to be heard. You wouldn’t last in a relationship where one person was trying to control the other.


Virgo, you value your intelligence. You know how smart you are and aren’t going to settle for a relationship where you feel like you’re being talked down to or ordered around. You are perfectly capable of making your own decisions, and even though relationships are a team effort, you aren’t going to allow your partner to make choices for you. You will talk with them for hours and hear out their thoughts until you come to compromises that make you both happy — but you will not sacrifice what you want for them because they ‘demand’ it.


Aquarius, you know you can take care of yourself. You don’t need anyone else, so if you’re in a relationship, it’s because you want to be in one. However, even when you love someone with all your heart, you still need space. You need alone time and time to work toward your goals. If you’re with a controlling partner who tries to tell you what you’re allowed to do and when you’re allowed to do it, you’re going to feel suffocated. You’re going to wonder why you’re wasting time with that person. And then you’re going to leave. You won’t waste much time. After all, you’re too busy to keep investing energy into the wrong person.

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