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4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t As Confident As They Seem

4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t As Confident As They Seem

4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t As Confident As They Seem

Most of us are pretty clear about how we feel about ourselves. Some zodiac signs are incredibly confident and aren’t afraid to show it. (I’m looking at you, Aries.) Others often deal with insecurity. (Yep, that’s Cancer.) Then there are the following four zodiac signs. They might seem super confident, but it’s often just a front that’s hiding their true insecure nature. Are you one of these four signs?


Leos are known for their big egos. They love attention and gravitate toward anyone who gives it to them. While it may seem that all that “look at me, look at me” bravado is thanks to some killer confidence, it’s actually the opposite. Because they rely on others to boost their ego, it shows how fragile their confidence actually is. But unlike some zodiac signs who lack confidence, Leos aren’t afraid to put themselves out there in order to find the attention that’ll make them feel better about themselves. They love having all eyes on them. For that reason, their moxie is certainly appealing.


Virgos take a lot of pride in the work that they do–all those to-do lists aren’t for show. They get a boost when they get things done. While they have confidence in their abilities, their confidence in themselves in general often takes a backseat. So many Virgos will ignore self-care or their emotional wants and needs because as soon as they stop moving and look inward, they don’t like what they see. While some signs search out people to make them feel better, Virgos won’t clue you in that they’re feeling insecure. If you’ve got a Virgo in your life, take the initiative to tell them how lovely they are.


While it’s pretty well known that Scorpios are super secretive, they still often come off as having some cool confidence. So many people around them want to be them. The style, the sass–Scorpios are everything. They seem almost untouchable. Unfortunately, those vibes are a front. The real reason why they keep themselves so hidden is that they’re afraid they’ll get rejected if they let anyone in. They’d rather act calm, cool, and collected than ever show how they truly feel. Good luck getting through the layers, though.


Pisces is one of the more emotional signs. They feel everything around them, whether it’s their own feelings or those of the people they care about. But unlike Cancer, for instance, Pisces tend to keep those feelings to themselves. They’d much rather focus on others, and that’s because they sometimes don’t feel great about themselves. They don’t want you to know it, so they shift the focus anytime the subject goes back to their insecurities. They’re masters at changing the subject once they start to feel vulnerable.

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