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3 Zodiacs Who Are Bad At Giving Apologies

3 Zodiacs Who Are Bad At Giving Apologies

3 Zodiacs Who Are Bad At Giving Apologies

Some zodiacs are skilled in the art of apologies. They’ll know exactly what to say in order to make you feel better again, so it won’t be long until your trust in them is restored. However, other signs aren’t the best when it comes to owning up to their mistakes and fixing problems. Here is some zodiac who aren’t exactly great at giving apologies, even though they’re trying their hardest:


On the bright side, Aries is always going to own up to their mistakes. They aren’t embarrassed to admit when they messed up and when they should have made different choices. However, this sign is incredibly blunt. They might not apologize in the sweet, sensitive way that you were expecting. They won’t sugarcoat anything. Even worse, they will probably want to move on from the problem quickly. They won’t want to dwell on the fact that they hurt you. After they say what needs to be said, they will feel like it’s time to move on and forget that the fight ever happened. They have a quick temper and get over things quickly, so they assume others will do the same. It can be hard for them to accept when their apology is not automatically accepted when people need time to cool down from what happened. 


When Cancers make a mistake, they spend a lot of time feeling sorry for themselves because they are always so tough on themselves. They hold themselves to a high standard and feel miserable when they realize they’ve fallen short. Unfortunately, that means their apologies can come out in a way that forces you to comfort them — and you might resent them for that. Cancers aren’t trying to make you feel guilty about getting angry at them, but that might be exactly how you feel when they start tearing up and talking about how disappointed they are with themselves. Cancers genuinely mean it when they say that they hate themselves for hurting you, but that approach isn’t always what you want to hear. You want to be the one crying, not them. You want to be the one being comforted, not them.


Sagittarius commonly uses jokes to lighten up tense situations — but that’s not always what you want to hear when you’re fuming. You might feel like they aren’t taking a problem seriously enough because they’re cracking jokes, even though they really do understand the weight of the conversation and are simply trying to help you feel better. This sign is also pretty impulsive, so they won’t always think through their apology beforehand. They will blurt out whatever they’re feeling and could accidentally phrase things in a way that makes everything worse. Although this sign is willing to work hard to make up for what they’ve done to you, their apologies won’t always sound great on paper. The delivery could use some work so that it doesn’t seem like they’re taking a serious situation and making a joke out of it.

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