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weight loss tips || fat loss tips || easy to lose weight || weight loss pills


weight loss tips || fat loss tips || easy to lose weight || weight loss pills


Let someone else drink those green smoothies and eat the croissants topped with mini doughnuts.

You need something like good old oatmeal right now – top with some fruit, and nuts and you’ll be full until lunch. If you’re craving something savory, maybe an avocado & egg toast will be a better choice for you.


You’ll be surprised how you’re rarely hungry. When you reach first for water instead of food, you realize you’re rarely eating because you’re hungry. You’re eating because it’s there, or, you know – because you’re bored. Or dehydrated.

An easy trick that will help keep you from being dehydrated like a lizard all day every day is having water with you all the time. Get a giant water bottle, fill it up and make it easy for yourself to stay hydrated. This simple change will make you feel more energetic and lighter – enjoy it!


Get physical and exercise every day or 4-5 days a week. 30 minutes is enough, but make sure you’re SWEATING. Sweating it out will also make you happy and will motivate you to do it again TOMORROW, which is key here.

It was perhaps 2 years ago when I had stopped doing ANY exercise. I was just lazy – sitting all day and watching TV at night. I didn’t get overweight, but my chin had doubled, my arms were jiggly, my belly was spilling beautifully over the waistband and I felt like I was all over the place. No focus, and just blah.

Then I got busy. I stopped watching TV in the evening and signed up for some Pilates, Zumba, and Yoga classes and additionally did basketball once a week. I felt so alive and was more focused (don’t know about yoga but try playing basketball without being in the moment – it hurts!). AND. Within a week my friends and coworkers started telling me how my face had gotten thinner and that I had lost weight. You can imagine how good this felt.

Exercise is not the only thing you need to be doing to lose weight, but it’s A HUGE HELP when it comes to weight loss. Go at your own pace: if you need to walk – walk, if walking’s too hard – try sitting exercises, there’s always a way.


At this point, we’ve all heard that low-carb diets turn you into a skinny robot with a lot of energy within a week. Science also says low-carb diets are good for you. Low-carb diets are recommended to lose weight, reduce inflammation, to get rid of acne…no secret here.

But if you’re like me and can’t stick to low carb all the time: Stop eating carbs after 3.

I honestly got this tip from Mr. Wolverine himself – Hugh Jackman. (Disclaimer: I have not met him, and do not intend to look like him, because I’m a woman and I just like to look at him when I’m bored…)

He said his biggest tip to get in shape for X-Men was to not eat carbs after 3 pm. Ok, Wolverine, I’ll do everything you tell me to.

So, naturally, I tried this before and it works! Eat all your carbs (so grains, legumes, fruit & treats) before 3 pm and then after 3 pm, do the low-carb thing. No need to get into ketosis, it won’t make you a better person. But, as sad as it sounds – no pasta and pizza for dinner this month.

If you don’t eliminate carbs after 3 pm, at least be mindful & don’t overuse them. For example, I would add some quinoa or chickpeas to my salad, but not go crazy like I usually do (I have pizza, pasta & 

bread WAY too often for dinner).


All the research I’ve read and I’ve got this tip from some TV show I watched 10 years ago.

Don’t eat after 5 pm.

Now some people say not eating after a certain hour is overrated – calories in, calories out…But it worked for me. I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks doing this and I loved waking up with a flat stomach, which had never happened before.

I’ve heard about intermittent fasting, you’ve heard about intermittent fasting…but if you’re like me, you probably put off all your eating until late in the evening anyway. And what does all that lead to?


You get tired and then you go to bed, without being able to digest all the food you just ate.

Well, if you want to lose weight: change your eating habits. Eat until 5 pm.

If you can’t do that, try until 7 pm. This will give you enough time to digest, so you can sleep well.

In my experience, 5 pm works perfectly for me. I was hungry for the first 2 nights, but then I felt and slept better.

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Last but not least, turn these into habits! You don’t want to lose the 10 pounds and get back to your old ways, right? You wanna keep it up? That’s what will bring you long-lasting results and will improve not just the way you look, but the thing no money can buy: your health.

So, keep eating healthy, cooking, moving, and have fun with it! If you need some delicious healthy meal ideas and want to get organized in the kitchen, so you can stay on track, you can check out my clean eating binder. It’s full of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and so much more (and over 100 of them). It’s a tool you can use to organize your favorite healthy recipes, create your meal plans, and track your habits.

Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Lose Weight

weight loss tips || fat loss tips || easy to lose weight || weight loss pills

weight loss tips || fat loss tips || easy to lose weight || weight loss pills

11 Weight Loss Don’ts To Watch Out For

  1. Not Having A Big Enough Motivator
  2. Skipping breakfast
  3. Weekend bingeing
  4. Drinking your calories
  5. Not getting enough sleep
  6. Going “fat-free”
  7. Too much cardio, not enough weight-training
  8. Avoiding carbs
  9. Starving yourself
  10. Eating hidden sugar
  11. Not drinking enough water

Our bodies are composed of 60% water – almost every single cell in the human body requires water to function.

Additionally, water contains exactly zero calories.

By replacing one Starbucks frappuccino with a bottle of water, you’ll save around 480 calories and avoid 70 grams of sugar (which is almost THREE DAYS' worth of the recommended daily sugar intake for a female.)

Drinking water flushes toxins from your body, can help to boost your metabolism, increase your energy output (cold water is especially good for this), and help to transport nutrients around your body.

Weight Loss Pills

weight loss tips || fat loss tips || easy to lose weight || weight loss pills

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