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The 2023 February Horoscope Is Calling For Romance, Based On Zodiac Sign

The 2023 February Horoscope Is Calling For Romance, Based On Zodiac Sign

The 2023 February Horoscope Is Calling For Romance, Based On Zodiac Sign

Congratulations! 2023’s first month has been successfully dealt with. February will mean chilly weather and warm love.
Starting things off on February 1st is the New Moon in Aquarius. On that day, the marriage asteroid Juno will also enter Aquarius. As such, it can cause love to feel unemotional and icy.

Then, on Feb 3, Mercury retrograde finally ends in Capricorn. On Feb 14, Valentine’s Day, it will once more enter Aquarius. This may not be romantic. However, it will make it a lot easier to avoid feeling bombarded by love-themed posts on social media.

On Feb 16, we will have the Leo Full Moon which is when the real Valentine’s passion might take place. Finally, on Feb 18, Pisces season will begin, heralding the start of one of the emotional times of the year.

Here are how the different zodiacs will fare during this month:


You have a secret soft spot for Valentine’s Day. So ensure that your partner/crush knows about it. No one is a mind reader. Mercury and Aquarius should make it smooth though. The month will end on quite an erotic transit, so you would do well to preserve some energy.


Due to Juno’s influence, you will be appreciative of your stable love life at the start of the month. You are not always able to easily tell others about what you need. However, a one-of-a-kind cosmic event along with Pisces season will help you on that front.


The cosmos are beseeching you: do not lead anyone on, particularly around Valentine’s week. The month’s first half will be all about appeasing lovers and friends. The second part, though, will have a great warm hug from the cosmos that will make your relationships a lot more intimate.


The month’s full moon will fill you with abundance, because of your creative side. Make sure to not turn down that check. On the romantic side, you should try letting someone else care for you instead.


The February new moon will ask questions about your boundaries. All the events during this month will be asking you to think of the long-term instead of momentary pleasures. This implies giving more effort emotionally in your present relationships.


If you are feeling selfish, then do not worry because the cosmos want just that. It will be beneficial for you if, at times, you take solace in your mind cave and look after your mental well-being. You can feel a bit anxious during the Mercury-Uranus square later in February. So talk to others about what you need.


This month’s major theme is going to be ‘pleasure’ for you. The source can be anything. However, alone time is just as important this month. You must connect with what you want first before connecting with others.


This is usually the period when Scorpios are conceived. Make use of Aquarius’ rational influence and avoid letting emotions carry you away. Keeping a cool head will prevail in money and love this month.


This will be the time to go into battle. It can mean getting rid of stagnant relationships or accepting a healthy proposal. Either way, a couple of changes are coming your way. This month will be all about listening.


This month will have you thinking more emotionally. The month’s first half will be highly buzzing with romance. Also, try to be more receptive to psychic dream messages even if you prefer science a lot more.


You may not love Valentine’s Day for its commodification but Mercury’s entry will still make you romantic. Also, there is a lot of abundance heading your way during the middle of the month.


You may be a bit lonely when the month starts. However, from mid-month onwards, your happiness will be at an all-time high because of reconnecting with friends. Also, along with the Pisces season, the latter half of February will have some prosperous career news.

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