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Taurus: Education, career, business, love, marriage, children yearly predictions 2022

 Taurus: Education, career, business, love, marriage, children yearly predictions 2022


Dear Taurus natives, you will have quite an awesome year on your academic front. You will be able to stabilize yourself from the stress you have been feeling for a long time. You will enjoy indulging in your newly found passion for the subjects. You are more likely to find internships in your field from April.


Your career fronts will be very stabilized this year. You will hardly face any kind of issues this year. The month of September will bring you amazing chances in your career. You are likely to get promoted this year. You will be able to implement your plans easily this year with the help of Venus in your sixth house during most of the months.


Your business will see both ups and downs this year. It would be like a roller coaster ride with lots of lessons this year. You will be able to make the right decisions for yourself in terms of business. You will also get good returns on your business in the latter half of the year. July and August may get hard for you to deal with.


Partner will be by your side throughout this year. The first three months will be relatively easy for you. You will also be able to make your partner feel secure and loved. In the last three months, there might be some issues on your romantic front.


Your marital fronts will be all well set overall. You will make a major shift in your marital life this year. Starting from April till the middle of June, you will have to be careful regarding minor inconveniences in your marriage as you will be affected by the negative impact of Rahu.


Your children will be blessed by Lord Jupiter. They will bring lots of happiness to the family by organizing get-togethers and small events. From September till the end of the year, they will be busy with their new venture or educational interests.

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