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A bit about Libra ZODIAC SIGN | Libra Horoscope

 A bit about Libra ZODIAC SIGN | Libra Horoscope 


Element: Air 

Date: September 23-October 22; seventh sign of the zodiac 

Ruling planet: Venus

Quality: Cardinal 

Color: Pink

Most compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius 

Least compatible with: Pisces, Cancer, Taurus

Cardinal zodiac signs: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn

The Libra Symbol

  • Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that’s represented by an object.
  • (Leo the lion, Virgo the woman, Cancer the crab.) 
  • The Libra symbol is Scales. 
    • It represents balance and harmony. 
  • Associated with the goddess Themis, who ruled over justice and fairness. 
    • In Greek mythology, Themis was known to have connections with Venus and Aphrodite, which makes sense since Libras are ruled by the planet Venus! 
  • The Libra constellation can be found near Virgo (180 and 207.25 degrees of celestial longitude), but it’s very faint so it might not be easy to spot.

Libras strive for equality. They believe everyone has a right to their voices to be heard. They are mediators who simply want justice to be served. However, they are not fans of confrontation. They try their hardest to keep the peace within their social circles and want everyone to get along. They grow uncomfortable whenever there is tension in a room and will try to defuse the situation as quickly as possible. Because of their strong moral code, they make excellent judges, lawyers, and diplomats.

To reach true happiness, Libras need balance. They are going to feel overwhelmed if the scales are tipped too far to one side, so they try their best to find a balance between their career and social life. They don’t want to work too many hours and feel like their entire existence revolves around their job. However, they don’t want to spend so much time relaxing and having fun that their life loses its sense of purpose, either. They want to find the perfect balance between work and play.

Libra Under the Planetary Ruler of Venus 

  • The planet Venus is the second largest planet from the Sun and the brightest planet we can see with our naked eye. 
  • In astrology, Venus is the ruling of love and beauty, which fits well for Libras since they tend to appreciate luxury and beauty. 
  • A Libra person will have a strong sense for the finer things in life and will tend to have a good taste in these things too — it’s just their kind of personality!

A Libra sign cares deeply about their appearances. Although they genuinely believe that their friends and family are worth so much more than what is on the surface, they invest a lot of money into their clothing and other material items. Libras can sometimes come across as superficial because they have such expensive taste. They always want the most luxurious items money can afford. Anyone who falls under this star sign is certainly not a stranger to self-care. They will splurge on anything, no matter how vain, if they know it’s going to bring them joy.

Libras have a good sense of taste when it comes to books, art, music, and travel destinations. Surrounding themselves with beautiful places and things enriches their life. It inspires them to create. It brings them a sense of peace. Luckily, Libras are also picky. Their indecisiveness ends up saving them a lot of money because they can spend large periods debating which object they should purchase. Since they will not settle for anything less than the best, this means they will sometimes opt not to purchase anything at all.

Libra: The Air Element 

  • In astrology, a sign with the air element is considered to be someone communicative and social-oriented. 
  • As an air sign, Libra individuals like luxurious, beautiful things and they will oftentimes put themselves in an environment with those things, that just because it’s so ideal for them. 
  • An air sign will communicate well and they enjoy talking and finding a compromise in situations, they will still avoid confrontation at all costs and will sometimes act out in a passive-aggressive manner.

Libras can spend excessively long periods weighing the pros and cons of a situation because they want to make everyone happy. They are people pleasers at heart. They don’t want to be the reason why anyone is upset. Whenever something goes wrong, they are quick to come to a compromise. They are willing to sacrifice what they want to make someone else happy. This is because they commonly put other people before themselves. They don’t rank high on their list of priorities.

Although Libras are good communicators, they hate confrontation, so it’s rare for them to express annoyance with another person. It is much more likely that they will act passive-aggressively. They will rely on sarcasm and backhanded compliments to get their point across. Although it will be obvious that they are in a bad mood, they will insist they are fine. They will expect the other person to guess what is wrong instead of exploding and causing drama they believe is unnecessary.

Libra: The Cardinal Sign 

  • Cardinal signs are natural-born leaders. 
  • They are those people who push for things and initiate social gatherings just because it feels natural for them to do so. 
  • The Libra person is very much charming and good at conversation, and so being instigators and pretty social creatures come naturally for them. Before they do something or go somewhere, though, they typically like to think things through and make sure it’s something that will make them feel at peace. 
  • With that being said, Libras will typically avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs.
  • Whether you’re a Libra or have Libra in your zodiac chart, you might find that during the Libra season (September 23-October 22), you might find that your communication skills are strengthening and it will be easier for you to take charge and do things that make you feel the most at peace.

Libras are social butterflies. Being around other people doesn’t drain them. It energizes them. They value deep personal relationships and cannot stand being alone even for short bursts of time. That is why they are always getting groups together on weekends and holidays. They are always the ones sending the first text and initiating plans. Friendships, and romantic relationships, are incredibly important to them. They cannot imagine a life without the people who matter the most to them, because those people have shaped them into who they are today.

Libras like setting plans themselves because they are natural-born leaders. They don’t mind taking the lead in situations because they are objective and fair. They can choose an activity that will make every single person in the group happy – including themselves. Plus, they are planners with excellent taste in everything, from restaurants to films. They are confident that anything they put together, whether it’s a party or small hangout session, will be fun for everyone involved. 

Strengths of a Libra 

  • Cooperative. 
  • Balanced. 
  • Social. 
  • Logical minds.  

Weaknesses of a Libra 

  • Holds grudges. 
  • Passive-aggressive. 
  • Will avoid confrontation. 
  • Self-pity.

Libra Personality Traits

  • Strives for balance and peace in every situation.
  • They want life to look good, and so they typically go after beautiful things in life (like the finer things).
  • Have a charm about them that makes it easy to be their friend/easy for them to win the hearts of people. 
  • Daydreamers. 
  • Cooperative. 
  • Intelligent.
  • Creative. 
  • A Libran will feel their best when they know they’re in a balanced environment and have balance and peace in their life (alone time and social time). 
  • Big flirts. 
  • Gossipers. 
  • Holds grudges. 
  • Passive-aggressive and will avoid confrontation at all costs.
  • Self-pity. 

Libras are charmers. Whether they are single or are in a committed relationship, they are big flirts – and sometimes this is entirely unintentional. It’s in their nature to try to make everyone happy. Their sweet compliments and generous favors can easily be misinterpreted. Although Libras fall hard when they fall in love, they understand it’s normal to have more than one love in their lifetime. This is why they are so pragmatic about relationships. They will leave someone, even though they care about them if the timing isn’t right. They believe most relationships, and most people, are temporary. 

Although Libras can let the wrong people leave their life, they have a hard time allowing those same people to leave their thoughts. They will hold grudges for long periods – and they are pretty big gossip. If someone wronged them in the past, they will still tell the stories years later. They never feel like they deserve any of the poor treatment they receive since they have such huge, kind hearts. Unfortunately, this can lead to them drowning in their self-pity. Once they start feeling sorry for themselves, it’s hard for them to bounce back.

If Your Moon Sign is in Libra… 

In astrology, your moon sign represents your emotions, feelings, and needs that are deep in your soul. It represents the strength of your sun sign and how you emotionally express your personality. 

With that being said, if your moon sign is in Libra: 

  • Adaptable to situations. 
  • Artistic → you express your feelings in creative ways (writing, drawing, acting). 
  • Crave peace, balance, and harmony in every aspect of your life (in love, friendships, career, and the environments you put yourself in). 
  • Great at communication; however, you still have a hard time expressing negative feelings (sadness or anger) and will act out in passive-aggressive, manipulative manners.

Some people believe Libras have their heads in the clouds. However, they simply prefer to consider themselves dreamers. They have strong, vivid imaginations, so they tend to be skilled when it comes to music, poetry, storytelling, and other forms of creation. Since they love surrounding themselves with beautiful things creating a painting to hang on their wall or a song they can sing to their friends will bring them peace. Plus, creating also gives them a healthy outlet for expressing their pent-up emotions.

However, Libras don’t always deal with their feelings in such healthy ways. They can be manipulative at times – and they might not even realize they’re doing anything wrong. Since everyone loves them, they can easily use their charm to get their way. They can sweet talk to their friends, family members, and partners without anyone catching onto what they’re doing. They are also known to flirt with people who aren’t interested in dating to get an ego boost. They don’t see the harm in what they’re doing since they’re only acting nice.

If Your Rising Sign is in Libra…

In astrology, we all have a rising sign, which represents our social personality and first impressions. To figure out your ascendant (rising) sign, it’s important to read your natal chart and know your sun sign, the time you were born, and the time that the sun rose on the day you were born.

So if you have a rising sign in Libra, these are more than likely your personality traits: 

  • Social creatures. 
  • Great at keeping the peace and being a moderator between friends. 
  • Great at maintaining conversations. 
  • People will notice your outgoing personality right away. 
  • Often indecisive and have no problem just going with the flow and being spontaneous!

Libras are adventurous. They aren’t afraid to try new things and visit new places. Whenever a friend asks them to tag along to a restaurant or a music festival, they will agree in a heartbeat. Although they think their bigger decisions through, they are still spontaneous. The Libra energy is to have fun — and they like to watch other people having fun. Plus, they never want to disappoint someone they care about. That means if someone invites them on a road trip, they’re going to go with the flow and see where the ride takes them.

Libras never have trouble forming new friendships because they are outgoing, friendly, and social. They can keep a conversation going about any topic, even if they have just met someone minutes earlier. However, they tend to gravitate toward people who seem the most uncomfortable and help them open up because they don’t want anyone to feel alienated and alone. Their friend group tends to be quite eclectic because they can pretty much get along with anyone. People are drawn to their charm, so their friends are very diverse. They all come from completely different walks of life.

If Your Venus Sign is in Libra…

Libra is the seventh astrological sign and in the zodiac 7th House, which is where Cupid and Aphrodite belong, too. With that being said, Libra’s sensual energy flows naturally like the air and the thoughts in our heads.

In astrology, your Venus sign represents love, affection, balance, and beauty. So if this sign is in Libra:

  • True romantic, deep down. You want to be in a committed, loving relationship. 
  • There’s a magnetic attraction to you and your peaceful, harmonious personality.
  • You strive for good friendships and good relationships — ones that look good and feel good (stylish, kind personality, intelligent, well-mannered, financially stable). 
  • You like to express yourself through creative outlets.

Libras crave deep, committed relationships. They can make friends everywhere they go, but while they can see the value in temporary connections, they are secretly searching for an unbreakable bond. Although they are comfortable being single because it gives them a chance to flirt and form new friendships, they would much rather be with one person who knows them on a core level. Plus, they are romantics at heart. They love the idea of love. There’s nothing they want more than to find someone who feels at home, someone who brings them a sense of peace.

Unfortunately, Libras care a great deal about what other people think about them. Being in a happy relationship is not enough for them. They want others to know they are in a happy relationship. It’s the same when it comes to their friendships. They post a lot of smiling, group pictures on social media because they want the world to think of them in a positive light. They are people pleasers who cannot rest unless they feel like they are making a good impression and setting a good example.

Libra Man

  • He appreciates the finer things in life and will put some TLC into his appearance. 
  • Charming and deeply romantic. 
  • Searching for the most beautiful partner → if someone fits the beauty standards he’s (secretly) set, he will be more inclined to settle down with them (after discussion and talking things out first, of course). 
  • Although he appreciates balance and harmony in life, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has achieved it.

Libra men are attracted to intelligence. They want a smart, cultured partner who can hold conversations about deep topics. It’s important for them to date someone who is going to grow alongside them throughout the relationship. However, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t care less about physical beauty. They are much shallower than they lead others to believe. They have a certain type that they are drawn to and would never settle for less than they believe they deserve, physically or emotionally.  

However, once you enter a serious relationship with a Libra, they are going to spoil you rotten. Libra men are romantics. They will express their feelings with more than words. They will also surprise you with home-cooked meals, teddy bears, jewelry, and expensive vacations. They will value your opinion and care about your happiness as much as their own, which means they will consistently go out of their way to make you feel loved.

Libra Woman

  • A good listener and a good conversationalist and will expect her partner to be the same.
  • Won’t let herself fall in love with someone who doesn’t fit her standards (in social, financial, and beauty aspects). 
  • Will balance out her personality by showing every side: her caring and committed side as well as her passive-aggressive and manipulative side.

Libra women are picky. They have high standards that they refuse to lower, regardless of how attached they grow to someone. They need a partner who meets their expectations in every single area – financially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. She is not going to allow passion to blind her and end up in a relationship that she considers beneath her. She will make decisions in love the same way she makes all of her other decisions, by carefully thinking through the pros and cons of committing. She would rather stay single than choose someone who doesn’t meet her high standards.

Once a Libra woman has decided to commit to you, she is going to give you every little piece of herself. She is not going to hold herself back to come across as charming as she does to the rest of the world. You will be one of the rare people who get to see the real, uncensored version of her. That means you will see her at her best and her worst. You will get pampered by her when she is in a good mood and wants to express her undying love for you. However, you will also deal with her manipulative, passive-aggressive side.  

7 Things to Know About the Libra Zodiac Sign 

  1. This sign is quite manipulative and will do what they need to do to obtain luxury and climb up the social ladder.
  2. Libra likes to daydream and go off into a fantasy world.
  3. This sun sign is pretty spontaneous and likes going with the flow of things. 
  4. They would prefer to be in a social setting rather than be alone.  
  5. Libras are one of the most charming zodiac signs!
  6. They give great advice and are (typically) great friends to have. 
  7. Because they avoid conflict and confrontation, they will keep their anger inside of them and lash out in a passive-aggressive manner instead.

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