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A bit about Pisces | Pisces horoscope (February 19 – March 20)

A bit about Pisces | Pisces horoscope 

Pisces horoscope (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces people are known for being emotionally sensitive, gracious, and emotionally aware. Pisces characters are regarded for being among the most sympathetic of the zodiac signs, and they will go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around them. They're also creative and imaginative.

Best traits

Intuitive, sensitive, devoted, compassionate, inspired, forgiving


It may be best to avoid casual dating, Pisces. The trouble with you is also your greatest gift—you fall in love so easily! Your ability to feel profound adoration and devotion is wrapped up in your ability to see the possibilities in or with others. Make sure that you are dating someone because of who they are and not what you believe to be their potential.


While you tend to put the needs of your friends ahead of your own, this can be a very good or very bad thing, Pisces. The positive implication of this is that you are generous, caring, and not inclined to judge. The downside is you have a hard time articulating your limits or asking for help—by the time you do say something, you may be so upset that your friend doesn’t know where to begin. Practice straightforward communication.


Your family life is very important to you, and you often think about your family before you even think about yourself. You must allow others to have their opinions and problems without feeling like it’s your job to fix it all. Take care of yourself to balance the care and attention you lavish on others.


When you’re engaged in work that you believe in, you have endless energy, but if you have to phone it in you’re likely to get exhausted by 3 p.m. The environment you work in is essential to your success. You’re a visionary who doesn’t always have the confidence to leap. Failure is only a step on the ladder to successful living.

Pisces Friends And Family

Friends - Gentle, caring, and always ready to listen, a Pisces can become the ideal friend to people who are patient enough to wait. They will get confused, get lost, change plans, and be late, but the compassion and love one feels around them is often enough to keep them close. They tend to put the needs of others in front of their own, and this does no one any good. This is why they need to be surrounded by those who understand their boundaries however unclear and help them preserve precious energy in their life.

Family - Deeply intuitive, a Pisces can sense if something is wrong, even before anything bad happens. This can be a problem in their primary relationship for the cloud they grow up in defines their emotional states, no matter if parents truly try to make their bond functional and their child happy. When building their own family and starting their new way of life with a loved one, Pisces partners have to remind themselves that it isn’t perfection they seek, but the state of inner peace.

Pisces Career And Money

Intuitive and dreamy, Pisces feel best in a position where their creative skills will come to the fore or work for a higher cause through creative charity events. Occupations that fit Pisces are compassionate and filled with faith and devotion, so they make excellent priests, doctors, veterinarians, musicians, painters, and any career that involves working in the shadows. Undercover and hidden, they could have a lot of fun playing certain parts and hiding their true identity.

For the most part, Pisces don’t give money too much thought. They are usually more focused on their dreams and goals and will only try to make enough money to achieve them. Depending on the power of the dream they carry within, and the sense of purpose they were nurtured to build, each Pisces representative spends as much as needed to follow them.

How To Attract The Pisces Man

If a man is born with his Sun in the sign of Pisces lives only to love and please their partner. He needs a partner who is practical and caring, ready to keep at least one of his feet on the ground and connected to the material world. Sensitivity, compassion, and kindness won’t lack, but there could be a lot of shady activities in his spare time. He finds extreme joy in discovering presents their partner needs and buying them on any upcoming occasion.

A Pisces man loves to laugh and needs someone funny and carefree by his side. On the other hand, he is highly sensitive and needs to listen and please people in his life, making him susceptible to manipulation and lies. Using his imagination to please his loved one, this is a man who battles between strong emotions, never showing them to the rest of the world.

How To Attract The Pisces Woman

This is a kind, imaginative, compassionate, selfless, and extremely sensitive woman. Attraction in her life is a matter of seconds and it either happens or it simply doesn’t. She won’t often feel it with people she knows for ages but has never been with. Although she seems calm, quiet, and set somewhere in the backline of defense, this is a woman who will never be boring in her sexual encounters.

Enjoying lively discussions about spiritual things, the safe way to go to approach her is to find beliefs and directions you have shared in life. Her imperative is to be treated with respect without endangering her personal space and boundaries. A Pisces woman is extremely sensitive by nature and is not exactly quick to forgive and forget. If her heart has been wounded in the past, she will have a hard time opening it up again, even for new incredible people and relationships that are just beginning.

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